Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start and end?  How much time is there for lunch?

Students should be in the school by 8:20 each day.  Dismissal from Monday to Thursday is at 3:30 and at 12:30 on Fridays.  Our lunch break is 62 minutes long.

Is my child supervised at lunch?  Can my child leave the school grounds without a note?

There are teachers on supervision in the school throughout the lunch break, including in the gym, library, lunchroom and hallways.  Students are permitted to leave the school grounds at lunch without a note.

Is there a cafeteria? What does it serve?  What are the prices?

Not at this time. Hopefully food services will return to Sansom for the 2022-2023 school year.

What can my child do during the lunch hour?

There are a variety of activities and clubs available for students to engage in. Offerings change every month.

What happens if my child is late?  How is my child excused from being late?

When students are late for school they must check in at the office.  Parents/guardians can call in or write a note to provide a reason, though the late will only be excused if it is because of illness or another unavoidable cause such as medical appointment, family emergency, or weather anomaly.  Sleeping in is an example of an unacceptable reason for being late.   Each unexcused late is recorded and monitored for 20 school days.  If there are three unexcused lates in the 20 days being monitored, the student is required to serve a 30-minute detention.  If the student is late for a fourth time in the same 20 day period, they will serve a 45-minute detention and the school will contact the parent/guardian to advise them of the developing pattern of lates and that on the next unexcused late, the student may be suspended for attendance reasons.  The parent or guardian is required to meet with an Administrator to resolve the issue.

Who do I notify if my child is going on a family holiday and will not be attending school for several weeks?

Parents or guardians are expected to notify the school, in advance if possible, of an extended absence.   However, these absences are recorded as “unexcused” for attendance purposes.  The Calgary Board of Education does not require that teachers provide work for students who embark upon extended vacations.  We do not sanction extended holidays.  We believe that they are not in the best educational interest of a student.

How can my child get extra help from a teacher?

Teachers are available most of the time for extra help except when other duties or responsibilities require them to be elsewhere.  All teachers post their extra help times—two a week, though most are able to support students outside of those times.  Students need only ask for extra help.

How long are the classes?

Classes are 44 minutes from Monday to Thursday and 43 minutes on Fridays.

How many classes does my child have in a day?

There are seven periods a day from Monday through Thursday and four periods on Fridays.  We also have POWER (Providing Opportunities with Everyday Reading) time for daily silent reading each day of the week.

What kinds of options does Clarence Sansom offer to students?  How does my child choose their options? How much do options cost?

We offer over 40 different option choices.  Each year students choose 12 options and participate in four options per trimester—including dance, drama, drawing, painting, sculpture, industrial arts, food and fashion studies, technology (simulations, animation and design), student leadership, outdoor and environmental education including climbing, as well as a variety of physical education and fitness activities.  Most options do not have a cost associated with them.  However, some classes such foods and fashion studies, climbing, outdoor education, and industrial arts, have extra costs to cover the cost of materials or extra field trips.

What is your bullying policy?

There are three roles in bullying situations—aggressor, victim, and bystander.  We want to support students in each of these roles and rather than focus on the negative, we work to empower students, to help them make decisions that support our climate of respect.  We seek to understand the “why” of a bullying situation so that we can support and provide strategies for the future.  We hold students accountable for their behaviours, though each situation and the students involved are unique.

What can my child do if he/she feels bullied at school?

Students can speak with a classroom teacher or Student Services personnel.  They should discuss the situation with their parents/guardians as well so they can talk to school administration if needed.

Is my child allowed to bring a laptop/iPod/cell phone to school?

Clarence Sansom does not allow students to use their personal devices in the school, unless allowed by an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) for specific purposes (i.e., blood glucose monitoring, adjusting hearing aids, etc.).  If students bring a personal device to school, it should be turned off when students enter the building and be put away, out of sight.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.

How can I contact my child during the school day?

You may contact the office and if it is urgent, we can bring a student to the phone.  For all other messages, we will notify students at an appropriate break.  Direct contact, through cell phone or texting, is prohibited as it interrupts our main business of learning. 

Are the students required to wear gym strip?  How much does it cost?

All students at Clarence Sansom are required to wear Sansom P.E. strip.  The cost for a shirt and shorts is $35.  Sweat pants, as an alternate for shorts, are $23. 

Can I request a specific homeroom teacher for my child?

We do not accept requests for a specific teacher or homeroom.

My child is on an Individual Program Plan (IPP).  How do I ensure that the IPP follows my child from elementary school to junior high?

Your child’s IPP is transferred from their elementary school with the student file at the end of the year.  Additionally, grade six teachers of our feeder schools (Douglas Harkness, Monterey Park, and Pineridge) meet with Clarence Sansom’s Student Services department to discuss each child and their learning needs.  Student Services then meets with the team of grade seven teachers to discuss possible goals and strategies for the school year.  In November, parents who have a child on an IPP are invited to a signing night to discuss the IPP.

We don’t live in Clarence Sansom’s catchment area.  How do I register my child at Clarence Sansom?

Parents/guardians should come to see administration at Clarence Sansom and we will outline the process and the deadlines.

Where can I get more information?

You are welcome to call the school at 403-777-7700 or check our website for further information or clarification.

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