Attendance Line: 403-777-7700 ext. 1.

We believe there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students  applies to all students, and outlines the responsibilities for students, parents and school staff. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure compliance with this legal requirement and the responsibility of schools to ensure that parents are informed promptly when the attendance of a student is not satisfactory.

Parents/Guardians are required to inform the office if their child is going to be absent or late. To report an absence, please call 403-777-7700 ext. 1 any time (24/7). Please state the name of your child, their homeroom and the reason for the absence, and whether the absence will be for the whole day or a portion of the day. Alternatively, you may email Ms. B in the office and cc your child’s homeroom teacher. Taking the time to let us know that your child will be absent before school starts helps us to complete attendance accurately and reduces the number of calls that need to be made from the school office. 

Lates & Missed Time

Students are expected to arrive to school on time. If a child is going to be late arriving to school, please notify the school as per the steps identified above. If students are arriving 30 minutes after the late bell (morning or afternoon), they must check in at the office. For all other lates, students must proceed directly to their classroom and teachers will mark their attendance as a late.

Each late that the school has not excused is recorded and monitored for 20 school days. If there are three unexcused lates for a particular student in the 20 days being monitored, the student is required to serve a 30-minute detention. If the student is late for a fourth time in the same 20 day period, they will serve a 45-minute detention and the school will contact
the parents to advise them of the developing pattern of lates and that the next unexcused late may result in a suspension. The parent or guardian would then be required to meet with an Administrator to resolve this issue.


Parents wishing to meet with administrators or teachers must contact the school to make an appointment in advance.

Extended Vacations

The CBE stipulates that student absences due to extended holidays during the school year may be classified as “unexcused” at the discretion of the school Principal. Our school policy on extended vacations during the school year is that absences will be recorded as ‘unexcused’ for attendance purposes. The Board does not require that teachers provide work for students who embark upon extended vacations. When families choose to begin summer holidays prior to final assessments, they should be aware that their child will not be able to write the exams before the scheduled dates.

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​​​Attendance in MyCBE

Our student information system, MyCBE provides parents, guardians and students with access to detailed attendance information. For help creating an account or signing in, please visit Technical Support for Students & Parents.

Attendance records are available in Grades and Attendance or Attendance History. Common attendance codes are:

  • (P) =Present
  • A = Absent
  • L = Late
  • IL = Illness
  • AP = Absent - Parent Called
  • LVE = Leave Early
  • MA = Appointment

A legend of all the attendance codes are available at the bottom of the attendance charts.. To discuss any discrepancies, please contact the school office.

Attendance Expectations at the CBE

We believe there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students​ regulation applies to all of our students, and outlines the responsibilities for students, parents and school staff.​​​​​​​​