Suspension and Expulsion

As a direct result of unacceptable behaviour, students may be suspended for various periods of time. Unacceptable behaviour means, that in the opinion of a Teacher or an Administrator, the student has displayed an attitude of wilful, blatant, and repeated refusal to abide by school and CBE expectations, and/or the student’s conduct is injurious to the physical and mental well-being of others in the school.

Suspension – (Five days or less)

a) Students will be sent home for a specified time, not exceeding five days.
b) Parents will be required to make an appointment with the school administration in order that the matter may be discussed and resolved.
c) Students will not be permitted access to the school nor be allowed to

Suspension – (More than five days)

a) Students will be required to go home.
b) Students will not be permitted access to the school, or to participate in extracurricular activities or classes until the matter is resolved.
c) The administrator will contact the parents by telephone to advise of the suspension and the procedure to follow. A written statement of the suspension will follow by registered mail (required by Board policy).
d) The System Assistant Principal for Suspensions, the School, the Student and the Parents are advised of the suspension and provided with a written report of the details, which may include a recommendation for action.
e) The System Assistant Principal, System Suspensions and Student Services Support will then handle resolution of the suspension.

School Expulsion

If a student does not return to the school of origin after a suspension of more than five days, they are deemed expelled from that institution. Under all the above conditions, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child is completely removed from the school environment until resolution is brought to the matter. 

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RT @UsihChristopher: One more week of classes before the Winter Break! This has been a challenging year for staff, students and families. Covid-19 continues to impact mental health and well-being and some have experienced a loss. Let’s be kind and show more compassion. Words and actions matter!

Grade 7 students learning the art of sewing in CTF class! Such talent and creativity!

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