Dress Code

All students and staff at Clarence Sansom are expected to dress appropriately, for a safe learning and work environment.  Alberta Education gives the school the authority to send any student with unsuitable appearance home to change.  

Students may see the Principal if there is a financial concern related to the dress code.  

Additionally, all students are expected to wear Clarence Sansom PE strip for their physical education classes and activity options.  This allows us to easily distinguish non-students who may pose a safety concern.

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We are looking forward to welcoming students back to Sansom tomorrow! Here are some key details to note: https://t.co/m1nYwDU2tU

Table Tennis is getting real! Mr. Brown may need some tips! Just saying…🏓 #topspin https://t.co/zuqtcgM4Z6

RT @UsihChristopher: One more week of classes before the Winter Break! This has been a challenging year for staff, students and families. Covid-19 continues to impact mental health and well-being and some have experienced a loss. Let’s be kind and show more compassion. Words and actions matter!

Grade 7 students learning the art of sewing in CTF class! Such talent and creativity! https://t.co/pZHTxpHQ8O

Life is better when you dance! Scorpions are feeling the rhythm these days in PE! 🎶 https://t.co/J0Hgtj91Hi