Cafeteria & Menu

In a typical year, our school has a cafeteria and a snack shack that serves a variety of food. The cafeteria menu changes daily and includes two hot entrees plus soup, sandwiches, veggie trays, milk, yogurt, muffins, ice cream, etc.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 protocols at the moment, and with student health and safety in mind, our cafeteria and snack shack remain closed. 

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We are looking forward to welcoming students back to Sansom tomorrow! Here are some key details to note:

Table Tennis is getting real! Mr. Brown may need some tips! Just saying…🏓 #topspin

RT @UsihChristopher: One more week of classes before the Winter Break! This has been a challenging year for staff, students and families. Covid-19 continues to impact mental health and well-being and some have experienced a loss. Let’s be kind and show more compassion. Words and actions matter!

Grade 7 students learning the art of sewing in CTF class! Such talent and creativity!

Life is better when you dance! Scorpions are feeling the rhythm these days in PE! 🎶