There is a lunchroom at Clarence Sansom for the convenience of students. Various hot and cold food items are provided at a reasonable cost each day. Students have the opportunity to eat in the lunchroom or take advantage of our open hallway policy. Students are expected to clean up after themselves, so that we can maintain a high standard of cleanliness in our school. A variety of activities and spaces are available to encourage students to stay in the school or on the school grounds at lunch. Responsible behaviour is expected at all times.

Cafeteria & Menu

See our lunch menu on our Cafeteria & Menu page.

Lunchtime Hours & Supervision

Our lunch break starts at 11:48 am and is 55 minutes long. There are teachers on supervision in the school throughout the lunch break, including in the gym, library, lunchroom and hallways. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at lunch without a note. In addition to noon-hour intramural activities, students have access to our library to read, study, or work on computers. 

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