Student Council

The Student Council includes two Co-Presidents and STUCO 8 & 9 option classes.

Clarence Sansom Student Council activities are designed to meet the following goals:

1. To build and maintain a positive school climate.
2. To provide a program that promotes:

  • Positive social interaction and individual self-image
  • Maximum, meaningful and equal participation

3. To provide a program for the development of student leaders.
4. To provide a system that can be used by students to administer the student activities program.
5. To fit into the total school program.

Students must commit to 20 hours of service outside of class time per term. 

A Word from the Co-Presidents

Clarence Sansom’s Student Council (STUCO) is a leadership program that involves grade 8 & 9 students in the planning of school spirit events. STUCO is a volunteer-based program that aims to educate students on how to be leaders for the school community and for society.

We believe students can make the smallest action to create the biggest change. STUCO’s leadership motto is “The more you do, the more you are.” We are fueled by the positive attitudes of our staff and students.  No challenge is too great -- and the amount of hours and hard work students put in to build the amazing school community that we have continues to pay off.

STUCO organizes events that our students and staff participate in throughout the year. From lunchtime intramurals, to pep rallies, and school spirit days and even our SPIT volleyball and basketball tournaments, it’s always the STUCO 8 and 9 teams and their effort that create numerous successful events. 

This year we have lots to look forward to, but it all kicks off with our annual “Welcome Back Pep rally” and “Welcome Back Day.” Check us out on Twitter @Clarence Sansom or using the hashtag #SansomSpirit.

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