Our Staff

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Teaching Staff

Name & EmailPhone ExtensionProgram | Subjects
Ms. Eesha Imran7005 Mandarin | 5A/B English LA, Social; Social 8
Ms. Brenda Borgeson7007 Reg/Man 7D/8A Science; Appl Tech 8; Film 7
Mr. Cody Andreasen7024

Reg/Man | 7-9 CTF – Art, Applied Technology, Drama, PE+

Mr. Scott Claiter7019Reg/Man | Social 7B, 8E, 9B, 9D; LA 7B, 8E
Ms. Elly Yu 7003 Mandarin | 5A/B Chinese LA, Science, Math  
Ms. Angela Litchfield 7028 Mandarin | 6A/B/C Chinese LA, Math & Science
Ms. Lisa Morton 7031 Mandarin | 6A/B LA & Social; 8C Social
Mr. David Chang 7020 Mandarin | 6C Math & Science, 7-9 Chinese LA; 9 Mandarin Math
Ms. Jin Yeo
7023 Reg/Man | 7E, 7&8 PE +, 5-9 PE
Ms. Cherry Zhao
Reg | Grade 7 Hub Online
Ms. Chelsey Boley
Reg | Grade 7 Hub Online 
Mr. Perry Sundstrom 7026 Reg/Man | Construction 7/8/9; Applied Tech 
Ms. Vivian Chen 7015 Reg/Man | 7A LA/Social; 8 Math, 7-8 Options
Ms. Sarah Dilling 7029 Reg/Man | 5-9 Physical Education
Ms. Madilynn Mickler 7036 Reg/Man | Band; Music; Health
Ms. Sarah Hill7030Reg/Man | Science 7C, Foods, & Computers
Ms. Kristin Duval 7016 Reg/Man | 7F, LA/Social, 8B/8D/9B/9D LA
Ms. Jessica Uzelman 7009 Bridges | All Bridges
Ms. Jayme Knowles
Reg | Grade 7 Hub Online
Mr. Sanpreet Cheema 7013 Science | 7A/7B/8E/9C/9D Science, 8 CTS – Applied Technology, PE+
Mr. Vinh Luu 7034 PE Office | 5-9 Physical Education
Mr. Piseth Pich 7011 Science | 7D/7E/8C/9A/9B Science, 9 Math
Ms. Jenny Le 7017 Science | 7-9 Math, 7F/8A Science
Ms. Kaitlyn Colbran 7007 Reg | Grade 5 Hub Online
Mr. Dan Biela 7022 Social Studies | 6C LA/Social, 7E LA/Social, 8A Social, Resource
Mr. Nicholas Wright
Social Studies, ELAGrade 7 Hub Online
Ms. Amber Wishart Reg | Grade 5 Hub Online
Ms. Kim Vo 7011 Reg/Man | Physical Education 8; Science 7, Soc St 8; Options 7
Ms. Leah Hughson
7053 Health & Wellness Learning Leader, ELL & Resource
Ms. Rowan O'Connell 7014 Reg/Man Humanities 7; Soc St 8 & 9; Phys. Ed. 7


Name & Email Phone Extension Program | Subjects
Ms. Bea Ko 7123 Principal
Mr. Mark Bylsma 7223 Assistant  Principal 
Ms. Jennifer Gale 2377/0 Admin Secretary

Support Staff

Name & Email Program | Subjects
Ms. Gwen Woodhouse Learning Commons
Ms. Christine Finney Bridges Support Worker | Bridges
Ms. Cindy Lau Bookkeeper
Ms. Daisy Kong Lo Office Assistant/Lunchroom
Ms. Sue Hawkwood Lunchroom Supervisor
Ms. Gina Djuff Lunchroom Assistant
Jim Stewart Facility Operator
Nelia DeLeon
Facility Operator
Patricia Wayne
Facility Operator

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We’ve shared an update with CBE families with important system information for the return to in-person classes on Monday, Jan. 11 https://t.co/p09i5rbicO #WeAreCBE https://t.co/CpONd60YPq