Social Studies

In this course students examine various cultures that illustrate the development of humankind in various regions around the world. Through the study of history, geography, economics and social history students look at Japan, Brazil, Canada and Russia. Current Events are also included in each grade.

Nov - Dec Update:

Grade 9  

Students have been learning about the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) of Canada and how the law promotes rehabilitation and reintegration of youth back into the community. We are comparing and contrasting YCJA in comparison with the adult criminal code as well as youth justice laws before the YCJA. Next, students will assess and critique the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the legislative process in Canada. This will include a study of individual rights, conditions in the workplace, and the relationship between the Charter and the responsibilities of Canadian citizens.  

Grade 8  

Students have been learning about how the Renaissance impacted the growth and exchange of ideas and knowledge across Europe. We have also studied the emergence of the Italian city-states of Genoa, Venice, and Florence. In addition we examined how philosophy, art, mathematics, science, and learning influenced the humanist worldview during the Renaissance and how the Age of Discovery impacted the western worldview. Next, students will be studying Japanese culture from isolation to how they reacted and adapted after the fateful meeting with Commodore Perry.

Grade 7  

Students are learning about New France from the early explorers such as Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain to the alliance with the Wendat (Huron) that gave the French a monopoly of the fur trade but made enemies of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). In addition, they are learning about how King Louis the XIV helped turn the tiny colony of New France into a vibrant Francophone society that continues today as Quebec. In addition, students will be studying about the British arrival to the New World, the Hudson Bay company, the rivalry with the French, the complex interactions with First Nations groups and the fur trade.

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