Our Staff

Teaching Staff    Support Staff
Specialists and Administration
- Mr. Robinson (Principal)
- Mrs. Petersen (Assistant Principal) 
- Mr. Collins (PE) 
- Ms. Patterson (Resource)
Office Staff
- Ms. Smith (Administrative Secretary / Bookkeeper)
- Ms. Issler (C Secretary)

- Ms. Kolb        Room 1
- Mr. Zych         Room 2
- Ms. Jabali       Room 3 

Educational Assistants for classroom support
- Mr. Carino
- Ms. Coupland
- Ms. Knust
- Ms. Medford
- Mrs. Persaud
- Ms. Schumacher
- Ms. Serquina
Grade 1
- Ms. Eriksen      Room 16A
- Mrs. Storrier     Room 16B
- Ms. A. Dixon     Room 19
Learning Commons Staff
- Ms. Luzzi
Grade 2  
- Ms. Klem          Room 17
- Ms. VanBryce   Room 18
- Ms. Blois           Room 20
Lunchroom Supervision Staff
- Ms. El-Haj-Ahmed (Lead Lunch Supervisor)
- Ms. Konschuh
- Mrs. Abiad
- Ms. Khalil
- Mrs. Hammoud
Grade 3
- Ms. Sato          Room 4 
- Ms. Exner        Room 5
- Miss Reid        Room 6  
Facilities Staff 
- Mr. Thelmo 
- Ms. Singh

Grade 4
- Ms. McLellan    Room 7
- Ms. Greaves     Room 8
- Mrs. J. Dixon    Room 9
Grade 5
- Ms. Bekar         Room 13
- Miss Wall          Room 10
- Mr. Gomes        Room 15 

Grade 6
Mr. Malloy         Room 11
- Ms. Andrews     Room 12
- Mrs. Affleck       Room 14

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Check out this story about the @twowheelview 10-week Earn-A-Bike program at Crescent Heights High School. Students receive a refurbished bicycle, helmet and basic tools to maintain their new ride. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/95bxTQ7gli

Enjoy a Flames game and help raise funds that support CBE students and schools. Purchase your tickets online: https://t.co/k5ycP5lWHa | $10 from every Flames ticket purchased goes to @EdMattersYYC Games: Jan. 6, Jan. 21 and Feb. 16. #WeAreCBE

RT @cbedrb: Amazing presentation today from our Grade 1s for the sacred teaching of LOVE #beautifullove #wearecbe https://t.co/MPNSuzRrtx https://t.co/HZnszmkXnr

RT @RosemontCBE: Rosemont School families and staff have generously donated to the Veterans Foodbank. Way to go Rosemont School. We are a strong community. 🦊❤️🦊 #wearecbe #veteransfoodbank https://t.co/bg2qotGAJL

RT @CPCobras: Who wouldn’t feel welcomed and represented walking past this everyday. Thank you to Mrs. Sealy for all of her hard work creating this bulletin board that represents the languages spoken and home countries of our staff and students! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/60uzPk45uy