Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalDarren Prather
Assistant PrincipalStephen Becker
Admin Assistant Ms. Homenko
Bookkeeper/School Assistant Ms. Jackson
Resource Teacher Mr. Scholpp

Teaching Staff

Grade 5 Name & Email
Teachers Mr. Hanna
Ms. Perry
Ms. Lu
Grade 6 Name & Email
Teachers Mr. O'Connor
Mr. Van Winkle
Ms. Savi
Grade 7/8/9Name & Email
Grade 7Language Arts / Social Studies
Mr. Houston
Ms. Lloyd

Math / Science
Ms. Trenholm
Ms. Quinlan

Grade 8Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Dokimenko
Ms. Swiatek

Math / Science
Ms. Villadsen
Ms. Anderson (Ms. Renee)

Grade 9

Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Fong
Mr. Cornwell

Math / Science
Mr. Tesarski
Ms. Williamson

Physical Education

Mr. Fraser

Ms. Nixon


Ms. Plaza
Ms. Kelly (Bridges Support Worker)

Band Mr. Clement
Mr. Scholpp

Mr. Debrey


Mr. Penner 
Ms. Adeel (ELL Assistant)

Support Staff

PositionName & Email

Lead Lunch Supervisor

Ms. Goett

Lunch Supervisor Ms. Mierendorf
Ms. Farrell
Ms. Shang
Ms. Calabrease

ELL Assistant Ms. Shen
Ms. Bhagath

Library Assistant Mrs. Slater
Education Assistant Ms. Regan
Ms. Pawlowski


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RT @KiddleCBE: Our playground is officially open and look who got outside this afternoon to try it out! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/wi3CeMs9HA

RT @JES_CBE: The Grade 4’s were inspired by graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. We noticed he would have a bold central picture that was in black, and then he used a lot of bright colours to add interest to his work. @artistbasquiat #wearecbe #CBEart https://t.co/q4OyyrETcw

RT @capitol_school: Posters of positivity! #WeAreCBE #GoGeos https://t.co/TI1EwSLhzF