Our Staff

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Ms. Buchart

PositionName & Email
PrincipalDarren Prather
Assistant PrincipalStephen Becker
Admin Assistant Ms. Homenko
Bookkeeper/School AssistantMs. Buchart
Resource Teacher Mr. Scholpp

Teaching Staff

Grade 5 Name & Email

Mr. Van Winkle
Mr. O'Connor
Ms. Anderson
Ms. Savi
Grade 6 Name & Email
Teachers Ms. Savi
Ms. Lu
Mr. Hanna
Mr. Van Winkle
Grade 7/8/9Name & Email
Grade 7Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Dokimenko
Ms. Wallace
Ms. Perry

Math / Science
Ms. Villadsen
Ms. Swiatek
Ms. Anderson (Miss Renee)

Grade 8Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Lloyd
Mr. Houston
Ms. Perry

Math / Science
Ms. Quinlan
Ms. Trenholm
Ms. Anderson (Miss Renee)

Grade 9

Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Fong
Mr. Cornwell

Math / Science
Ms. Williamson
Mr. Tesarski

Physical Education

Ms. Fehr

Ms. Wong


Ms. Plaza
Ms. Kelly (Bridges Support Worker)

Band Mr. Clement
Mr. Scholpp

Mr. Debrey
Ms. Den Hoed


Mr. Penner 
Ms. Akbar (ELL Assistant)

Support Staff

PositionName & Email

Lead Lunch Supervisor

Ms. Goett

Lunch Supervisor Ms. Mierendorf
Ms. Abou-Ali
Ms. Garasia
Ms. Jibril

ELL Assistant Ms. Shen
Ms. Bhagath

Library Assistant Mrs. Slater
Education Assistant Ms. Howell


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RT @kinggeorgecbe: Students are enjoying making crêpes during Carnaval week! We’re looking forward to toque day tomorrow, wear red and white day on Thursday, and Bonhomme effigie day on Friday! #WeAreCBE @CBELanguages @CbeArea2 https://t.co/rMUpltGUeA

RT @WilliamReid_CBE: Carnaval ice castle is back… #wearecbe https://t.co/avbWQuqIFr

RT @cmhsrams: Amazing afternoon showcasing the choral talent across the division. CBE Sings #WeAreCBE https://t.co/jHfidUF0Zr

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the CBE’s Well-Being team will host its next free webinar with the AHS Sexual & Reproductive Health Team on the topic of Healthy Sexual Development. Sign up today to join the virtual session from 6:30-8:00 pm https://t.co/74F8MHOyOV #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ySHlZQZcIr

RT @BishopPinkham: Acknowledging Black History Month for February. Many more lessons and stories will be integrated into core and complementary classes. #WeAreCBE #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/nxdD21eXnP