Grade 8 Option Descriptions

CTF Construction Technologies Grade 8

The Grade 8 Construction course builds on the skills introduced during their time in the Grade 7 program. Students will explore more complicated procedures and techniques in order to transform common materials into more challenging projects. Come out and see what the machines in your shop can really do. Please note that students who did not get a chance to take Industrial Education in Grade 7 can still take this course.

2D Art – Drawing and Painting

Try artist developed exercises to improve drawing skills and experiment with different techniques. Develop painting skills to create high realism and abstract art. Projects can be altered to student’s interests.

3D Art – Sculpture

Experiment with a variety of materials to create three dimensional art. Use clay and glaze to develop new hand building techniques (coil, pinch pot and slab). Work in small groups or individually to create paper mache projects too!

Outdoor Education

This option offers activities that will focus on the outdoor setting. Throughout the semester, we will explore a variety of activities like outdoor games, biking, climbing, skating, etc. Be prepared to be outside during all weather conditions.

Band 1 (Novice)

This band class is for students who are new to band or students who feel they need to get a better grasp on instrumental basics before moving into the woodwind or brass band classes.

Band 2 (Woodwinds)

This band class is for students who play flute, oboe, clarinet or alto sax and have at least one year of previous band experience.

Band 3 (Brass/Percussion)

This band class is for students who play trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, tenor sax, bari sax, bass clarinet or percussion and have at least one year of previous band experience.


This is a continuation of French from grade 7. Students will focus on…… speaking/understanding/writing:

  • Learning gestures associated with each new vocabulary word
  • Oral practice of high frequency French vocabulary
  • Regular use of verbs in the present tense (avoir, aller, être, faire and regular – er, -ir and –re verbs)
  • Forming questions using “comment”, “qui”, “combien” and “est-ce que”
  • Identifying personal subject pronouns
  • Associating gender to nouns
  • Practicing word order of phrases
  • Letter and number review
  • Answering questions in French
  • Story reading and reenactment
  • Testing of vocabulary words and story comprehension

Physical Education (Daily PE)

Students who wish to have Physical Education on a daily basis are encouraged to take this option. This will be a continuation of the Physical Education class you take on day 1. Students who take this PE class will not have to fill out a daily journal of their physical activity outside of school hours.

Excellence in Sports

In this course, students will be active all the time. The majority of our classes will be spent developing different aspects of conditioning, team strategies, sport skills, and overcoming personal or team challenges. This will be achieved through various games, activities and fitness challenges. Students should come to class in proper gym strip, ready to work, and with a positive attitude.


Leadership gives students the opportunity to develop the skills and strategies and appreciate the importance of making a positive contribution to the school and local community. This may include the following: recycling, school ambassadors, student/teacher support, technology, displays, school-wide activities. Fulfilling these responsibilities, they will experience the pride of seeing a task from its inception to its fruition.

Exploration in Film

Exploration in Film Students will develop their appreciation of film by studying the techniques used to enhance character development, plot development, mood, conflict, theme, and point of view in a variety of different films. The course focuses on developing students’ awareness of film as a form of art and visual media. Students will also have the opportunity to examine how elements of film making, that is, sound, music, cinematography, and special effects, come together to enhance the audience’s overall viewing experience. In addition, students will explore the impact that films and popular culture have on society. A variety of films will be viewed throughout the year, with a different thematic focus each term. All films will be appropriate for this age group.

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