Jun 06
Love and Wisdom Assembly

On June 15, in lieu of an indoor assembly, our school community will gather outside to connect to the land and to each other with a focus on Love and Wisdom. We hope to develop a deeper understanding of who we are and our connection to the greater whole. We will gather in the outdoor learning space at 1:45pm and family members are welcome to join.  

We are very grateful to have Duane Mark, a Stoney Nakoda Educator at Morley Community School in Mînî Thnî (Morley) share some teachings with us around Love and Wisdom. The Seven Grandfather Teachings are Anishinaabeg teachings, originally from the Great Lakes area. As Duane Mark is Nakoda, he will be sharing teachings from his perspective. Following this, we will walk to the green space and classes will break off into circle groups and participate in planned activities.  

In classroom groups outside, classes will recognize students that have demonstrated a deep understanding of Love and Wisdom within our school context. Students will then be asked to share their favourite outdoor space. This can be a place that brings them joy, happiness and peace. It could be a place in which they connect with people they love or find deep connection with themselves and other living things. For some students it may help to reflect on this place with family, prior to June 15. If they have a photo that they would like to bring to share, they are welcome to. Otherwise, they can practice using descriptive words for what the place looks like and how they feel when they are there.  

Example: I feel connected to my family and to the natural world around me when I am in Southern Alberta. Birdwatching is one of my favourite hobbies and there are so many birds there. From the family farm, we can see fields and mountains. The sky is so wide that you can see storms coming from a mile away. When the sun sets there, the lighting isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen. I love to watch my family visit, tell stories, share food and play. We take trips there throughout the year and get to watch the patterns of the seasonal changes. In the summer time we get to enjoy vegetables from the garden and identify wildflowers.  

We are happy to have parents join in our planned activities. If you choose to join a classroom activity, please participate. Participation may include sharing in circle with the class or participating in the small group discussions.  

If the weather is not accommodating, Duane Mark will share his teachings in the gym then classes will move to their classrooms to recognize students then work in circle. Classes will be encouraged to connect as a classroom to the land on an alternate day.  

We would laso like to thank School Council for providing the funds for our school to have Duane Mark at our school to support our learning.

We are looking forward to this time together, 

Colonel Sanders Staff​


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