Aug 31
Parking Around Colonel Sanders

What an amazing first day of school!! Students were settled within their classrooms when the administrative team toured the school to introduce themselves and welcome students to the new school year.

This morning we had some difficulty with parked cars in our community. Below are some reminders, as well as a modification to the SchoolMessenger which was sent out yesterday.


  • Parents please do not park on Northmount Drive on the side that is closest to the school, this is the bus zone. We need to keep this area clear before and after school for our yellow school buses. There is also a city bus that stops on Northmount Drive. 
  • Great places to park your car to walk students to their grade level door are on Terry Road and Thornhill Drive, there are breaks in the fence that enable your student to walk safely to their grade level door without walking across a street.
  • Do NOT park in front of our neighbour's driveways.
  • New - If parking on Terry Road, Thornhill Drive, Trafford Drive or Nothmount Drive on the side which is opposite the school, please do not block community members driveways. Please be mindful of where you are parking.
  • New - Please do not park in the crosswalks around the school. This is a safety concern for our students, their families, and our community members.


  • Beginning tomorrow (Friday, September 1, 2023) two staff members will create and monitor a crosswalk on Trafford Drive. This crosswalk will be created and monitored prior to school each morning. This picture will show you where the crosswalk will be located Pylons to Staircase.jpeg. These staff members will monitor this area to ensure that students and families are crossing the road in the crosswalk, as well as ensuring that families are not blocking driveways. Please ensure that you are walking across the street between the pylons. We have created this area to ensure student safety.​


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