Aug 31
Important End of Day Information

As a school, our job is to ensure that all 370 students are safe. At the end of the school day there is an important way that you can support this work.

At the end of the day, please do not take students out of any line. Teachers place students onto buses. They account for each student. If a student is removed from the line and the teacher was not informed, we then need to call parents and hold buses until we know the student is safe. This then causes our buses to be delayed. It is best if you write a note in the agenda to inform your teacher that you will be picking up your student. You can also call the school prior to 3:20pm to give this information to the office. The school's phone number is 403-777-6034.

Teachers would love to talk to their families, at the end of the school day when teachers are ensuring student safety by taking students to their buses is not the right time. Students who are being picked up are being supervised by our specialists at the ball wall. All teachers are busy ensuring student safety.

If you would like to talk to your student's teacher, please book an appointment. This could be done by emailing your teacher or writing a note in the agenda.​


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