Dress Code


Colonel Sanders School is a TLC and as such, students are required to wear a school uniform. The formal uniform is worn on the first learning day of each week. The remaining days students are to wear either the formal or informal uniform.

Formal Informal

First learning day of each week

Remaining days of the week

  • TLC Crested Green Cardigan
  • Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt (tucked in)
  • TLC Plaid Tunic or Navy Twill Pants
  • Navy Socks, Knee Socks, or Tights
  • Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Tunic
  • TLC Plaid Tie when wearing the Navy Bottoms
  • TLC Plaid Headband (optional)
  • TLC Crested Green Vest with Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt


  • TLC Crested Gold/Polo Long or Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Navy Twill Pants or Navy Walking Short/Skort
  • Navy Socks, Knee Socks, or Tights
  • Non-Scuffing ALL Black Athletic Shoes

Non Uniform Days

Students are required to wear their uniform clothing on all school days including cultural celebration days. Families will be given advance notice when students are invited to wear casual or theme-clothing. These days may include Orange Shirt Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Universal Children’s Day, Anti-bullying Pink T-shirt Day, Spirit and Theme Days, and several sports days. As a staff, and in respect to our mandate of being a uniformed school, we try to limit these and give notice to students and families when these special events arise. When students are on field trips, they must be identifiable as TLC students and are required to wear their uniforms. Watch our calendar and read your child's agenda to stay informed. 

Labels on All Items

PLEASE label all your student's items (ex: coat, cardigan, school bag, indoor shoes, water bottle, etc.) with their first and last name. If a name is on the item, we are able to return it to your student. Items without names are placed into our Lost and Found. Emails are sent to families prior to donating all items in the Lost and Found.

Dressing for the Weather

Parents should ensure students are dressed for outdoor activities during the winter season. As successful learners know, it is essential to be active, breathe some fresh air, and even get in a little vitamin D. Students who are not prepared must still go outside but, as is often evident, they do not enjoy it as much as those who are prepared. All students are required to be outside if they are well enough to be at school.

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