Lunch Supervision

The Calgary Board of Education provides students with the option to stay at school for lunch. Lunch Supervision is offered to all students in Grades 1- 6 and in our full-day kindergarten programs for an annual fee. More information on our Lunch Supervision page.

We have a high calibre lunch program here at Colonel Sanders ensuring for a safe, pleasant, and positive environment during the lunch hour. Our lunch supervisors interact with and monitor all students in a respectful, caring manner. 

  • We are fortunate to have enough supervisors so that students can eat at their own desks. Students are directly accountable to lunchroom supervisors during the noon hour. 
  • Lunch expectations have been received with your child by their classroom teacher. These expectations are also posted in each classroom.
  • Colonel Sanders strives to be a litter-less lunch school. If possible, pack your child’s lunch in a reusable container – this way there is less waste.
  • Our students have a healthy snack time mid-morning, lunch at noon, as well as a snack break mid afternoon. Please pack enough for your child to eat at all of these nutrition breaks.
  • We are very aware of the need of students to eat nutritiously throughout the day. We recognize the need to eat well so they can learn well. 
  • Please do not send foods such as candy, sweets and juice which are high in sugar content.  

School Council Organized Healthy Hunger Lunches - 2022-2023

Healthy Hunger Fun Lunch is an activity students look forward to. Information is provided to parents early in the school year about ordering, timelines and dates. The Fun lunch coordinator organizes parent volunteers who bring the lunches to the classrooms for those students who parents have ordered. It is a great time to meet other parents and to be in the school during the noon hour. Those students whose families do not order  fun lunch eat the lunch that has been sent from home. 

Order at For questions about Fun Lunch, contact our School Council at

Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year:

Friday, September 16 – Popcorn (snack)*

Friday, October 21 – Lunch 

Friday, November 18 – Lunch 

Friday, December 16 – Lunch 

Friday, January 20 – Popcorn (snack)*

Friday, March 17 – Lunch 

Friday, April 21 – Lunch 

Friday, May 19 – Lunch 

Friday, June 16 – Popcorn (snack)*

*Popcorn will be sold at the school, students bring funds to the school to purchase this snack on the day of the event 

Lunch will be ordered and paid for online by families through Healthy Hunger  


Additionally, we have students at our school who are allergic to nuts and related nut products, we strive to be a Nut-Aware School. Parents must indicate any special health concerns on the school registration for their child and are encouraged to ensure classroom teachers are also aware of health issues. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

Our lunch room supervisors are looking forward to working with you and your child to help with ideas for healthy, nutritious lunches and snacks.

Forgotten Lunch

Sometimes you or your student may forget their lunch. It happens! In the event that your child forgets their lunch, a phone call home will be made so you can make arrangements for a lunch drop off.


Please ensure that your student's lunch contains the fork or spoon that they need to eat their lunch. If either a fork or spoon is forgotten we do have some plastic utensils that we can give your student. Any food that needs cutting, should be cut at home. Students should not be packed a knife to cut food at lunch time. Please ensure that you have cut your student's lunch for them.

Lunchtime Pick-Up

If you are picking your child up for lunch, please buss the office to arrange for your child to be signed out, and then again to sign them in upon returning. 

Reminder |  Lunch times have now changed (effective June 6, 2022):

  • 12:00 pm - 12:39 pm - all students are either playing or eating

Water Bottles

We know the importance of keeping well hydrated and its connections to wellness and learning. Each child should have a labelled personal water bottle each day at school. It should come clean each day and should be taken home each day. We discourage bringing juice boxes to school. They are sticky, messy and full of sugar, and water is a much better choice! 

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