Physical Education

Physical activity is a valuable part of childhood education. It emphasizes fun and fair play while encouraging leadership and self-confidence. Colonel Sanders School is a proud recipient of this Quality Physical Education Program recognizing the success of our school’s physical education program and the myriad of benefits it has brought to our students.  Together we are helping to build a healthier Canada for us all. 

The aim of the Physical Education program is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.  Students continue to develop their skills, set personal goals, and work cooperatively with their peers.  All grades will participate in their active living components this term.  Grades one and two will be swimming, grade threes will be golfing, and grade fours will be skiing and snow boarding. Activities covered between now and the end of the year will include: Folk Dance, French Carnival Games, gymnastics, curling, Mission Impossible, racquet sports, floor hockey, ringette, volleyball, scooter games, skipping, and outdoor games.

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