Jul 06
Have a fantastic summer!

​It has been an incredible year at Connaught School.  We have battled several more waves of Covid-19 and have begun to return to some of our pre-covid activities including buddies and sports day.  We are looking forward to engaging in more community building activities in the fall. We hatched chickens and butterflies this year and learned all about life cycles and needs of plants and animals. We have worked with Sustainable Calgary to create an Open Street Park.  Please stop by for a visit.  The Forever Block party will be occuring on Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer.

Thank you to our community partners, Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial, for their ongoing support.  This year they purchased bike locks for us, donated many needed items to families and paid for busses for our students to visit Fish Creek Park.  Thank you also to the Grace Church for their ongoing support of our families.  They provide food, gift cards and other needed items.  They are also funding some new books for our classrooms.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer.  See you September 1st.

Sep 03
Welcome Back!

​It is so wonderful to have staff and students back in the building.  We are off to a great start this school year.  Our staff are working hard to build a strong learning community with a focus on our Indigenous Framework. The 4 C's: Commitment, Connection, Community and Connaught.

Jun 29
Have a fantastic summer!

​This has been quite the year!  We want to thank our school community, staff, students and families for your compassion, flexibility, positvity, and support during these unprecedented times. We hope you all enjoy a safe and fun summer with your family.  We look forward to seeing everyone back in the fall.

Jun 25
Thank you Rotarians

Virtual Readers​

Rotary Club Centennial members supported our students this year with a virtual reading club. Every Friday, four Rotarian volunteers joined us virtually to read with a student from grade 3/4. The Rotarians met with a different student each week and listened to them read. 

Thank you Rotarian Readers!


Jun 22
Magpie Teachings

​Many of you may have heard your children talk about “Jimmy", the magpie chick that hatched in one of the Evergreen trees on the West field.  Jimmy would sit in the tree and chirp at the students and listen to them sing or talk to him.  About a week and a half ago, Jimmy learned to fly.  He spent much of his time on the South side of the school, on the grass, the playground and in the yards across the street.  Unfortunately, Jimmy was hit by a car on Friday while scavenging for food.  Today, we were very fortunate to have Ryan First Diver, a Blackfoot knowledge keeper share his stories and knowledge of magpies with many of our classes in a Microsoft Teams presentation. Students watched and listened to his pet magpie, Derek. They learned many things about the magpie, including stories about the historical relationship the magpie and the crow had with the Blackfoot people. Ask your child to tell you more.


Jun 11
Learning Outdoors

​Our students continue to spend large chunks of time learning outside.  This week, students have been fascinated by a fledling magpie living in the evergreen tree on the West field. Students have affectionately​ named the magpie Jimmy.  Jimmy enjoys hopping around on the branches and curiosly watches the students as they sing to him.

You might also notice our garden is beginning to take shape.  Thanks to a donation from Grace Church we have continued to purchase plants for the front garden beds.  We would encourage you to talk with you children about not running through the front garden.  Classes have been eagerly planting in our raised garden bed near the playground. 

Classes continue to go on regular walking field trips to explore our community.  Thanks to a donation from the Rotarians we now have wagons and small camp stools that students use outdoors.


May 12
May Update

Online Learning

I am so impressed with how smoothly both staff and students have pivoted to online learning. A reminder that attendance is taken twice a day in their am/pm google meets.  If you receive an attendance email it indicates your child was not present in 1 or both meets.  If you feel this is an error please contact your child's teacher. If you need support please reach out to myself or your child's teacher. We are here to help.


School Council

Our last School Council Meeting of the year will be held May 19, 2021 at 5:00 using Microsoft Teams.  This will be our Annual General Meeting with elections to add new members to council.  We will also be sharing information about our School Development Plan with goals in reading and developing positive relationships.  Please email nmbezugley@cbe.ab.ca  with your name, email and child's name to request and invite link.


Results of Budget/Fees Survey

In April, we surveyed families regarding our budget and fees. Please find the results posted on our website at: LINK TO SURVEY RESULTS

Feb 03

January 26 Update 


No School Friday, January 29 – PD Day 



DO NOT drop off or pick up students in the staff parking lot! 

We have been fielding a number of complaints about unsafe drop off and pick up in our parking lot. We are very concerned that someone is going to get hurt. Please do not use the staff parking lot for picking up or dropping off students. 


Report Cards 

This year the CBE will have consistent system-wide dates to issue report cards. At Connaught, we will send a paper copy of the report card home with in-person students on Wednesday, February 3. Report cards will be available for viewing using your MyCBE / PowerSchool Account on Thursday, February 4. If you have any questions about the report card please contact your child’s classroom teacher via email/phone. 


Community Resources 

Community Education Service (CES) at Alberta Health Services has loads of FREE webinars to help parents out with the challenges. From “Managing Anxiety within the COVID-19 World” on February 3rd to “Friend or Foe? How to create healthy relationships with digital devices in the family” on Feb 2nd and 4th, the topics are varied and often timely. Check out their offerings at  

https://community.hmhc.ca/sessions/?p=online. All webinars are free but you must set up an account with CES and register to attend. 

Jan 07
January Update: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Welcome back!  Online learning is in full swing. It has been wonderful to see all of our students in their google meets and working hard in google classroom. We look forward to seeing our in-person students back at school on Monday, January 11, 2021.


Kindergarten Registration

During a health emergency when access to school buildings is being limited for everyone's safety, please follow the registration instructions outlined on the CBE website . There will be no in-person registrations during a Health Emergency. As much as possible registration will be completed electronically. Please contact our office if you have questions at (403)777-8560. Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00-2:30, Friday 8:00 – 1:00.


Return to School After International Travel 

Students and families who have travelled outside of Canada are legally required to follow all provincial and federal travel restrictions upon arrival.


If your family is participating in the International Border Testing Pilot Program, your child may not return to school until they have tested negative on a second test 6 or 7 days after your arrival. 

If you are not enrolled in the pilot program, your child must:

This means your child is unable to return to school for a minimum of 14 days after your return.


Families wishing to move from Hub online learning back to in-person instruction need to inform their school by the end of this week. Please complete a notice of intent using your MyCBE/PowerSchool account by noon on Friday, Jan. 8.  Please refer to the Hub Notice of Intent support page for step-by-step instructions. 

Students moving back to in-person instruction will begin at their schools on Monday, Feb. 1, 2020. You will receive more information regarding this transition from me on January 22.


Report Cards

This year the CBE will have consistent system-wide dates to issue report cards. All schools will release their report cards online the week of February 1-5, 2021. They will be available for viewing using your MyCBE / PowerSchool Account.  At Connaught we will send a paper copy of the report card home with in-person students on February 3rd.

Dec 16
December Recap

It has been a very interesting start to our 2020 – 2021 school year. We have worked hard as a community to keep each other safe by washing and sanitizing our hands often, wearing our masks, staying home when we're sick, isolating when we are a close contact and maintaining physical distance when possible.  Thank you to everyone for doing their part. The pandemic has also allowed us to get outside more often. Students spend time each day learning outside through gym, community walks, journaling, sit spots observing and reading on the lawn. Thank you to all for a great fall of learning. We are looking forward to a new year full of adventure and new opportunities.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

 Our community has been an incredible support this fall and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great work that has happened to support Connaught School:

·      Our Rotarian partners have provided lunch kits, water bottles, tablet and diapers to support those in need. We have begun an online reading program, where students read to a Rotarian using Microsoft Teams. We look forward to expanding this after the break.

·      Grace Church – They worked closely with I Can 4 Kids to provide food support to many families last spring, all through the summer and into the fall. They also provide cloth masks, diapers and gift cards.

·      I Can for Kids – Food supports

·      Staples – Downtown branch – Back packs and school supplies

·      Calgary Full Gospel Church – Back to school supply kits, Winter coats, boots, mitts and hats

·      Conoco Phillips – Funding to provide families with access to online reading through Raz-Kids

·      Education Matters – Grants supporting purchase of school supplies for at home learning, grocery gift cards and the Bob Bannerman grant to purchase library books.

·      West Springs School – Our ongoing partnership with West Springs school helps connect many of our families with household items and clothing as well as grocery gift cards.

·      Earl Gray School – Provided 250 pairs of waterproof mitts and gloves

·      The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth – Svitlana is our in-school settlement worker supporting our families to connect to community agencies.

·      Decidedly Jazz Dance (DJD) – provided online dance instruction videos for use in our physical education program after the break

·      Scientists in Schools – provided science kits and online workshops for every class

·      Constable Gary Burrows from the Calgary Police – Start Smart, Stay Safe (S4) program

·      Connaught School Council – Have honoured our staff with thoughtful notes of appreciation and coffee gift cards. Thank you!



  • Thursday, December 17, our school nurse, Mandy, will be in the building catching up on some vaccinations.  You will be notified if this impacts your child.
  • Thursday, December 17th is our last day of classes at Connaught. It is a full day.
  • No school on Friday for in-person or Hub
  • We will see you online starting January 4th. Teachers will be emailing the google meet schedule to parents. Please note they will be taking attendance twice a day.
  • January 8 (noon) is the last day for HUB families to declare they would like to move to in-person learning for the second half of the year.  Please use your Power School account to express this.


Have a safe and happy holiday season,


The Staff at Connaught School

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