Personal Belongings


Each student is encouraged to travel to and from school with a backpack. The regular use of a backpack ensures that school books, library books and sharing items are protected from the elements and are returned to school and home in good condition. Please check your child’s backpack on a regular basis. Free backpacks are available if needed.


Students, Parents and Staff are encouraged to ride bikes to school. A bike rack is provided at the east side of the school. Please ensure your bike is locked. The school cannot be responsible for damage to bikes or lost helmets. Riders are asked to dismount when on school property. All cyclists are required to walk on the sidewalks, exercising consideration to other pedestrians. It is the cyclist’s responsibility to ensure all personal equipment is stored properly and securely. In accordance with the law children must wear helmets when riding their bicycles. The use of protective gear for all students using any type of equipment is strongly recommended. 

Scooters, Rollerblades, Skateboards and Heelies

CBE policy states that scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and heelies are not permitted on CBE property due to safety and liability concerns.

Toys and Treasures

Students should not bring to school personal items such as stuffed toys, pokemon cards etc. that are not directly related to their schoolwork. In addition to being a possible distraction and/or hazard, the security of these items cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware that the school will take no responsibility for their safekeeping. If students choose to bring games and toys to school and there are problems with their use (trading, interfering with classroom learning) then the item will be confiscated and parents will be contacted. Thank you for your support in this regard.

Lost and Found

All articles of clothing, backpacks etc., which are found, will be placed in the Lost and Found boxes located in the hallway on the lower level. Please encourage your children to check the boxes frequently for missing items. Found items such as money, eyeglasses, watches or jewellery are kept in the office.

Electronic Devices

 All students are expected to follow rules of digital citizenship in our wireless environment. Cell phones/iPods/games/cameras cannot be used during school hours unless identified for educational purposes.

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