Each year, teachers sponsor clubs outside of their instructional teaching time. Check out some of this year's clubs.

Run Club - September and October - Mr. T and Ms. Kristy meet with interested runners before school to play games and introduce students to running.  Our run club members become ambassadors leading the Terry Fox Run.

Puzzle Club - Ms. Andrea meets with students afterschool to enjoy the past-time of puzzling.

Halloween Club - Throughout the months of September and October, Ms. McCuaig, Ms. Storey and 2 volunteers met to create many exciting Halloween inspired projects including haunted house and applehead dolls.

Eco Team - Ms. Storey, Ms. Jaques and Ms. Infante are bringing together grade 4 - 6 students who are interested in helping the environment. We look forward to seeing what Earth saving issues they take up this year!

Active Kids - November and December - Mr. T and Ms. Kristy start the day right with in the gym with physical activity to get our bodies and brains ready for learning.

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