Acceptable Use Policy

The following activities are considered acceptable use of the school's computer network.

Students may:
  • connect with other students and adults who share their passions and with whom they can learn
  • join their teachers and find experts and other teachers from around the world
  • publish their best work in text and multimedia for a global audience
  • explore their own creativity and passions, to ask questions and seek answers from other teacher, experts and learners on-line
  • collaborate with others to change the world in meaningful and positive ways
  • learn how to communicate in the same manner that will be expected of them when they graduate and join the digital world 
  • think critically and build information literacy skills
  • explore deep questions that they have in relation to learning and life 
  • learn and practice digital etiquette in a compassionate manner
  • behave in a manner that will support their evolving understanding of new digital technologies. Learn how to learn anytime and anywhere!
  • behave in a manner that protects their own privacy, safety and freedom of thought, while protecting the rights of others as well
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