Our Staff



Ms. Dalton

Assistant Principal Mr. Brown
Resource Ms. Flesch
Administrative Assistant
School Secretary
Mrs. Daniel
Mrs. Graumann

Teaching Staff


Mrs. Dunlop (AM and PM)

Mrs. Premji (PM)

Ms. Flesh (AM)

Grade 1

Mrs. Rosenthal

Mrs. Ta

Mrs. Stableford

Mrs. Prawdzik

Grade 2

Ms. Pinsch

Ms. Izyk

Ms. Hinks

Mrs. Flynn

Grade 3

Ms. Locke

Mrs. Neufeld

Ms. McLaughlin

Mrs. Roberge

Grade 4

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Kokesch

Mrs. Nayyar

Mrs. Riar

Mrs. Verstraete

Grade 5 Mr. Corriveau
Ms. Petersen
Mrs. Klassen
Mrs. Draper
SpecialistsMiss Brady (Mrs. Rodych) - Physical Education
Mrs. Bessemer - Music 
Mr. Clark - Music 

Support Staff

Educational Assistants

Mrs. McConnell
Mrs. Hauser
Mrs. Gale-Hansen

Lunchroom Supervisors

Library Assistant

Mrs. Bagai
Mrs. Dirom
Mrs. Iandolo
Mrs. Kapur
Mrs. McConnell

Mrs. McIlwain

Mrs. Phillips 

Mrs. Hauser
Mrs. Gale-Hansen
Mrs. Ng
Mrs. Ringuette
Mrs. Valberg
Mrs. Vandale

Mrs. Kaczmar

Facility Operator/Cleaning Staff

Mr. Fong
Mrs. Haduc
Ms. Bautista

Mr. Zere


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RT @JES_CBE: The Grade 4’s were inspired by graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. We noticed he would have a bold central picture that was in black, and then he used a lot of bright colours to add interest to his work. @artistbasquiat #wearecbe #CBEart https://t.co/q4OyyrETcw

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