Nov 22
Principal's Message November 21-25

Dear Coventry Hills School Families,

 We are very much looking forward to sharing your child's learning progress at the upcoming parent teacher conferences this Thursday and Friday. Thank you for all those who have booked a conference already.  Teachers will be reaching out to families who we have not confirmed an interview time. If you cannot make the interview time booked due to illness,  we understand and teachers will hold a phone interview during your intended time.  Note, that the teacher will be calling you from a “Blocked Number" so be prepared to answer during your interview time.

We are continuing to monitor our illness rates which have been improving and therefore we are going forward with our in-person interviews. For many of our families, this may be their first experience with in-person interviews.  As a part of this process, we invite the student to also be at the center of the conversation regarding their learning.  The purpose of this interview is to update families about the students' learning progress to date. During your visit, the teacher will be sharing work samples that demonstrate the students' progress in relation to the curriculum standards. 

For your in-person conference, enter the school through our front doors. We would ask for your support in keeping our school clean by removing your wet shoes before going up to your child's classroom.  There will be chairs outside your child's classroom to sit on if you arrive early. The teacher will greet you at the classroom door when it is your designated time.  If it is your scheduled time, feel free to knock to let the teacher know that you have arrived and they can wrap up their interview with the previous family.  As we know, as conversations start they can go a bit over.  The teachers will be concise and if you have more to share, then a follow up conversation can be booked for another time.

Mrs. Armstrong will be available on Thursday and Friday in our Grand Hall to support families who have not signed up for their MyCBE Account.  The MyCBE Account is critical for families in order to book conferences, pay assorted school fees, and to access student achievement information such as the January and June report cards. In addition, School Council/CHEF's is looking for ways to be able to share information with you. If you are interested in receiving updates from School Council/CHEFS, see Mrs. Armstrong for details. We will have our lost and found on display in our grand hall and we encourage all families to take a look as we are gaining quite a collection of lost clothing.  


Benita Dalton

Nov 10
Principal's Message November 11- 18

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thursday was a special day as we welcomed almost 100 parents and family member who joined us for our Remembrance Day Ceremony.  It was lovely to be able to see so many parents out supporting our students.  The Grade 5 students and teachers did a fantastic job of honouring those who have served for our freedoms. They shared thoughtful presentations about the meaning of peace including song, poetry, and dramatic tableau. The walls of our gym were covered in beautiful artwork to commemorate the day.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conference are just around the corner.  All conferences will be conducted in-person at the school in your child’s classroom. Grades K – 5 Conferences will held from 4:15 - 8:15 pm on Thursday, November 24th and 8:00 am -12:00pm on Friday, November 25th. In addition, Kindergarten conferences throughout the day on Thursday, November 24 so no school for Kindergarten students.

The booking system will open on Thursday, November 17th at 8:00am for making appointments. The booking system will close on November 23rd at midnight. When you book your conferences, you will receive a confirmation email with the date and time.  If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check the system.

 A user guide has been linked has been attached as a resource to support you in booking your conference time. Parent Teacher Conference Bookings

Reminder: November 11th is Remembrance Day – No School for students.

Parent Teacher Conference Booking System opens up – November 17

Popcorn Day Nov 18 orders due by Sunday, November 13

Subway Nov 30 orders due by Friday November 25


Benita Dalton, Principal​

Nov 07
Principal's Message November 7 - 10

​Dear Coventry Families,

The cold weather has arrived and it looks like we will be experiencing some “blue days."  At 8:30 am the doors open and students can enter the building at any door. During the day, if the weather is -20 Degrees Celsius, we stay in for lunch and recess time. It is essential that students bring warm clothes including boots, mitts, snow pants, hats for cold temperatures because we do go outside once it warms up to -19 Degrees.    Reminder, with the colder weather comes slippery roads and many families who drive to the school to drop off their children.  Allow for extra time so that your child will be at school on time. The first bell it to let students in and the second bell indicates the start of classes. Please ensure your child arrives in time for school.

 For Remembrance Day, Coventry Hills School is supporting the Veteran's Food Drive. We are asking for donations of non-perishable Food items.  We will be collecting items for this week and the boxes will be picked up next Monday, November 14th. Below is a list of Urgent items they require.  For more information, families can click the following link:

 Assorted Meats Juice - 1 Ltr Hotdogs Juice Boxes for lunches Chicken Dishwasher Soap/Pods Hamburger Canned Meats Lunch Meats Brown Sugar Bread Yeast All Purpose Cleaner Canned Fish Scented/Unscented Laundry Soap/Pods Canned Chili/Stew Unscented Liquid Fabric Softener Eggs Granola Bars Cheese - Block/Slices Vegetable Oil for cooking Ground Coffee Freezer Ziplocs - Medium/Large Coffee single serve pods Crackers Flour Rice Packets Mayonnaise Pancake Mix Cereal Bicarbonate of Soda Kleenex Tissue Boxes Baking Powder Gravy Packets Coffee Creamer Pudding Cups Ensure Canned Mushrooms Kitchen Paper Towels Evaporated Milk​

We would also like to extend the invitation for families to join us for our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday, November 10th at 10:45 am.  Please fill out the RVSP by clicking this link Remembrance Day Assembly

 Coventry Hills School Council's next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 17th at 6:30 at the school in the Learning Commons. We will still continue with the virtual format as well and will be sending out a link for families who wish to join us. Click here to join the meeting

 CHEFS has coordinated many fundraising events.  DFS Packages came home with grades 2 to 5 on Friday and we are waiting for more packages to come to the school for our younger students and will be coming home soon. Thank you to CHEFS for organizing this fundraiser.

 Reminder: NO School Friday, November 11, 2022 -Remembrance Day

Benita Dalton,


Oct 31
Principal's Message - October 30 - November 4

​​Dear Coventry Families,

Reminder that tomorrow is Halloween and we will be dressing up for the occasion. Students and Staff will be in costume. Please refer to my principal’s message from last week for detailed information regarding our day.   We had class pictures and picture retakes last Wednesday and we will be sending home the class pictures in students’ backpack once they arrive. Teacher will post the arrival of class photos in their Google Classrooms so parents can watch for them coming home.

I would like to welcome some new staff members to Coventry Hills School.  Miss Monds joined our Kindergarten team in early October.  Mrs. Marnie Turner is our new part time Grade 5 teacher and Ms. Grocock is a new lunchroom supervisor.  Mr. Brown continues to be away and has extended his leave.  Mrs. Cathy Turner will be with us for the remainder of this week and then Mrs. Karen Campbell will be joining our staff until January.  Mrs. Campbell is a retired principal who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for young learners.  Mrs. Jessa has also taken a leave and in her absence, Mrs. Nicole Hodgson will be taking over her class.   Please join me in welcoming these new staff members to our wonderful learning community.

We would also like to extend the invitation for families to join us for our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday, November 10th at 10:45 am.  Please fill out the RVSP by clicking this link Remembrance Day Assembly

Upcoming Events this Month

  • Friday, November 4 – no school for Kindergarten students
  • Friday, November 11 - Remembrance Day – No School
  • Friday, November 18 – Popcorn day orders due by the 12th
  • Thursday, November 17th – School Council/CHEFS meeting at 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, November 24 – Parent Teacher Interviews in person 4:15 pm – 8:15 pm
  • Friday, November 25 – Parent Teacher Interviews 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday, November 30 – Subway lunch orders due by the 26th.​

Oct 23
Principal's Message October 24 - 28

Dear Coventry Families,

 The last few weeks have been busy with all sorts of learning. We held our second whole school assembly as we participated in Orange Shirt Day.  It is so wonderful to be able to gather as a community. Students are learning how to gather and be a part of such a large group. In our grand hall, we have displayed many artifacts of learning of the learning that has taken place in our school as a part of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.

 Increased Enrollment and Staffing Changes:

Coventry Hills School has experienced an increase enrollment for the 2022- 2023 school year and we currently have 622 students.  This number was 40 students over projections and this will allow us to hire additional staff to support our students.  We are experiencing larger class sizes for the first time in several years and we have decided to hire additional teachers in Kindergarten and Grade 5 as well extra Educational Assistant support.  Miss Monds, our new Kindergarten teacher was able to officially start on October 3 and we reorganized so that we have 3 morning Kindergarten classes and 2 afternoon Kindergarten classes.  I am currently in the process of staffing for the Grade 5 part time position.  We have had two new Educational Assistants join our team temporarily and they are Ms. Taylor Stocker and Ms. Ginger Tuik.

 Mr. Brown, our assistant principal will be away for a few weeks and in his place, I am pleased to welcome Ms. Cathy Turner.  Ms. Turner is a retired principal who will be supporting the school during Mr. Brown's absence.  She has been a great addition to supporting our students this past week.

 Upcoming Events: 

Halloween is just around the corner.  Coventry Hills School has a tradition of dressing up for the day. Monday, October 31st  is a full day of learning and students may be participating in learning tasks related to the curriculum that incorporate elements of Halloween. Students will be connecting with their buddy classes at some time in the afternoon.  We are not having class parties in celebration of the day so please do not send any editable treats. Coventry Hills does not share food items with students at any time throughout the year. We invite students to dress up for day in their costume and wear clothes underneath just in case they want to change at some point in the day.  We ask that students do not wear masks and do not wear Halloween makeup that covers the face. Students are asked to leave their weapons at home and any accessories that may accidently left at school. These accessories are often distractions for young learners.  Our school community consists of an age range and we ask that costumes be appropriate for young children.  

With Halloween, comes the overconsumption of candy. In order to support student learning, we ask that Halloween treats be enjoyed and eaten at home.  Medical research reports that sugar can have negative effects and at school, we see this as lower levels of concentrations in children, impact on mood and emotional regulation, increased stomach aches and tiredness due to sugar highs and lows.  We want our students to continue to do their best in order to engage in their learning. Please continue to pack your child healthy foods for snacks and lunches. We appreciate your support and thank you for taking this into consideration in supporting your child while at school.

 On November, 10th we will be having our Remembrance Day Assembly and we would like to extend an invitation to our families to attend.  The Assembly will start promptly at 10:45 a.m. on November 10th for approximately 30 - 45 minutes.  This is a somber assembly to reflect on the impact of war and why it is so important to acknowledge all those who serve to protect us both historically and presently. The Grade 5 students will be leading this assembly. We will be sending out a link for parents to let us know if they would like to attend and that way we can anticipate and prepare for parents to be a part of our assembly. Also, we would like to invite any students who participate in Guides/ Scouts or cadets to wear their uniforms.  We are wondering if we have any musical parents in our community who play the trumpet who would be willing to play the Last Post and Reveille live for our assembly.  If you are interested, please email Mrs. Bessemer at by November 4th.

 Picture Re-Take Day is Wednesday, October 26th.  If you would like your child to have retakes, ensure you have indicated that on the picture proofs sent out by the photographer or if your child missed the original picture day, please email your child's teacher to indicate you would like them to have their picture taken on Wednesday. We are looking for 2 parent volunteers who can support us in the morning and to be a runner between classes to ensure things run smoothly for the photographers.  If you have your volunteer clearance and can help us on Wednesday morning, please email Koreen Graumann at with your name and she will directly contact people by 1:00 pm on Tuesday, October 25th.

 Healthy Hunger Subway Lunch is Wednesday, October 26.  Subway lunches now requires more parent volunteers for us to continue with this program as we have organize the lunches. During Covid, Subway pre-packaged the lunches. I would like to extend a big thank you to those who have been volunteering; however, this is a big job for just a select few. If you would like to see the program continue we need more of a commitment from our parent community.


We are still looking for a couple volunteers to help pack and deliver to the classrooms on Wed Oct 26 11-12pm. If you can volunteer please click the link below to sign up. ​!/showSignUp/5080a4dada929a4ff2-subway12

 On behalf of the CHEFS fundraising team, we thank you for your participation! 🤗

 Cold Weather Days Ahead:

We have enjoyed an unusual warm fall and now the tides are turning with the inevitable coming of snow and winter conditions.  We have a huge amount of lost and found articles and I would invite parents to come and check for lost items before we start to pile in the winter articles.  With the cold weather, just a reminder of our “Blue Days" in the morning, we open up the doors at 8:30 for students to come into the school so they do not have to wait outside. A “Blue Day" is when it is raining or when the temperature is colder than -20 Degrees Celsius.  This time of year, can be tricky in knowing how to dress for the weather as the temperature can rise or fall greatly in a given day.  We ask that students are prepared for cold weather and parents please ensure your child comes to school with hat, mitts, proper outdoor wear including coats, snow pants and boots.


 Benita Dalton


Sep 12
Principal's Message - September 12 - 16

Dear Parents,

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time. It was wonderful to be able greet so many familiar faces this year as I went to visit in classrooms.  Last week, we had our Welcome Back Assembly in the gym with each grade group with the exception of our Kindergarten students.  This has been the first time in almost three years we have been able to meet with large groups of students and to be all together in one space.  During our assembly we had a chance to share information about our school, set student expectations, learn how to be a part of an assembly for our younger students, review the Three Pillars of Care and the Seven Sacred Teachings. We will come together as a larger school community for our first school-wide assembly for our Terry Fox Run.

Ask your child about the Three Pillars of Care which are:

Take care of yourself

Take care of others

Take care of this place.

Safety Week

This week we are focusing on Safety Week and we will have our first fire drill of the year.  A separate school messenger went home regarding information regarding our safety drills.  Information is posted on our school website as well.

School Forms and Annual Authorizations

At the start of the school year, we have a lot of information to share with families. Families received communication regarding student forms on September 2 regarding action required of guardians to complete the several forms in School Engage.  The link was provided directly in the email. The due date for these forms is September 16th.  If you are having difficulty completing the forms, please call our office and Mrs. Armstrong or Mrs. Graumann can assist you. In addition, next week we will be sending home communication regarding other annual school information and forms. Some of the information will be coming home electronically and some will be sent home with your child. Please fill out all forms that are sent home on blue paper and return them back to school by September 30th.  Forms sent home electronically can be filled out by parents. If you are having difficulty accessing the forms, please contract our office directly at 403-777-6025 and we can assist you.

 Meet the Teacher – Parent Teacher Conferences

This coming Friday, we will open Conference Manager to be scheduling times for Student Teacher Conferences on Thursday, September 22 from 4:15 to 8:15.  These interviews will be virtual meetings through our TEAMS links and 10 minutes in length. Teachers will be posting a welcome information presentation in their google classrooms for parents to view prior to meeting with the teacher on Thursday, September 22.  These presentations will provide information regarding our child's classroom setting. We will be sending home parent view point for parents/guardians to fill out prior to the interviews as well. This information sharing will allow teachers and guardians to have the opportunity to make the most of the interview time. Conferences can be book through MyCBE Account.  The link is located at the bottom of our school website.


We will be sending out information shortly regarding volunteering at Coventry Hills School and we are looking for Volunteers for our Terry Fox Run Event on Tuesday, September 27th. In addition, CHEFS is looking for volunteers who can help organize and deliver popcorn and fun lunches on designated days throughout the school year.​

Important Upcoming Events

Friday, September 16th – Popcorn Day

Thursday, September 22rd – Student Teacher Conferences – Meet the Teacher Virtual Teams Meeting

Friday, September 24th – PD Day

Monday, September 26th – Picture Day

Tuesday, September 27th – Terry Fox Run

Wednesday, September 28th – Healthy Hunger Subway Fun Lunch

Friday, September 30th – No School – National holiday Truth and Reconciliation Day

Monday, October 3 – Orange Shirt Day

Sep 01
First Day Message

Dear Coventry Hills School Community,

 We had a great first day of school today!

 It was such a joy to have our students back in the building. We were grateful to hear the joyful sounds of their voices in classrooms and hallways, and we eagerly look forward to the many exciting days ahead.

 As we return to school,  there are a few community expectations that we need to review with our parent community.

Firstly, we need to remind parents to obey all traffic laws when dropping off or picking up children. We understand that there is limited parking around the school, however dropping your child off near crosswalks, near intersections or in the neighbouring alleyways is not acceptable. Furthermore, stopping in the middle of the street to drop off your child puts you, your child and others at incredible risk.

Secondly, Grade 1 to 5 families are encouraged to please use the “Hug and Go" as a quick, convenient way to drop children off in the morning. The “Hug and Go", located along Coventry Hills Way NE, is where families can pull up, temporarily park the car, drop off the child and then drive away. Parents stay in their cars the entire time, which allows for efficient flow of traffic.

Thirdly, at the end of the school day, parents picking their children up from our compound area (at the back of the school) are required to stand at the perimeter of the compound as they await student dismissal. When parents gather too close to the school doors, teachers lose sightlines and cannot easily dismiss children. By standing further away, we can easily and efficiently dismiss children. When you see your child's teacher walk outside the doors, you can step forward to be easily seen. Once you have collected your child, please vacate the compound area so that other families can pick up their children with ease.

On a final note, I want to mention that Calgary Police Services were at the school today after school hours to assist us in locating a child who was temporarily missing. With police support, the child was located in a safe space and reconnected with his family. As we all establish our daily end-of-school routines, please remember to communicate changes to your child's pick up routine with our main office by calling us at 403-777-6025.

The safety of our students and their families is of the upmost importance and must be a shared responsibility by our entire community. 

Thank you for meeting these community expectations and keeping our school grounds safe for students, families and school staff.

Mr. Brown

Assistant Principal

Aug 29
Welcome Back Coventry Hills

Dear Parents and Guardians;

   "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."~ Nelson Mandela

We hope families had a wonderful summer and a chance to get outdoors with all the glorious weather we have had.  Calgary experienced the longest heatwave in 100 years. Our first day of school is going to be a hot one!  The excitement of summer tales and adventures await as we gather together once more as a learning community.

 Our office officially opens on Monday, August 29th as Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Graumann return back from holidays. In addition, teachers all return back to school on Monday.  On our first couple of days we will welcome our new staff and be working to prepare the school for the arrival of our students on Thursday, September 1 at 8:30 a.m. Teachers will be delving into our new curriculum, planning and preparing classrooms.  If you have moved, please call or email the office as soon as possible so we can finalize our class lists and coordinate registration with your child's new school. 

For our kindergarten parents, we will be sending home communication regarding staggered entry on Monday, August 29th and what to expect the first days of school.  For the rest of our families, teachers will be sending letters of introduction and information about the specifics of where to meet on the first day of school.

 This will be the first time in 2 years, we are going to be running normal operations without Covid-19 Health restrictions and we are looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy of what school was like prior to the pandemic.  Teachers are working in team structures this year which allows students to be working with a variety of teachers rather than just one. We will continue with our staggered recesses throughout the day, where individual teachers will determine the best time to have a recess break is. There will be a schedule for the day's students can play on the playground according to which grade they are to help reduce the number of accidents and overcrowding that can occur.  Due to this, our playground will be in demand several times throughout the day, so we ask that during school hours, families stay off our playground so our students can enjoy it. We invite the community to use and enjoy our playground afterschool and on weekends.


Coventry Hills School has several ways to communicate with our parent community.  As we are moving more to a paperless way of communicating, the most frequent form of communication is through our School Messenger System and our School Website. Please attend to the information sent home via emails and check out our school website as well. The Calgary Board of Education has also initiated a new platform, “School Engage" which allows for information to be stored virtually. All Parents/Guardians are expected create a MYCBE/Powerschool Account. If you have not done so already, please access the information from our school website. The icon/tab is located at the bottom of the first screen on our home page. This is a requirement of all parents/guardians so they have access to student information.  Occasionally, paper copies with school or classroom information will be coming home. If it is on blue paper, it is important because it requires information to be sent back to school in a timely manner. 

In addition, teachers will continue with the Google classroom format and will be sharing updates on their classroom two times a week about student learning on their stream page. The Google Classroom is a place where parents can experience firsthand what learning experiences the students are engaging in.  Teachers will not be uploading assignments consistently on their Google classroom unless there becomes a high absentee rate in their classes. But rather, will be attaching additional supportive learning tools and tasks. The expectation from the Education Minister is that we are focused on in person learning.
Lunch Supervision:

If you child stays for lunch, please fill out the necessary registration forms through your MYCBE Account as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct information. If your child goes home for lunch, please notify the office by calling or sending us an email to confirm. Students who go home for lunch will be dismissed out their designated doors at 11:57 a.m. and will be at home for the duration of the lunch hour returning just in time for the end of the lunch hour at 12:42 p.m. 

School Council:

Our first Council Meeting is on Thursday, September 15th with our new Council/CHEFS.  It will be a dual platform meeting in person and through TEAMS.  Nadine Guard, our Council Chair will be sending out more communication soon. By attending School Council Meetings, parents have the opportunity to learn about what is happening at the school and support us in making important decisions. We look forward to meeting the parents.

New Attendance Code Communication: 

As part of CBE's commitment to “acknowledge and support the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action" (CBE Education Plan, 2021-24), a new attendance code has been introduced for the 2022/2023 school year. The new Cultural-Spiritual-Ceremonial (CSC) attendance code offers an excused absence from school to recognize and support Indigenous cultural revitalization for CBE students who self-identify as Indigenous, and their families. Many Indigenous students and families rely on their Indigenous culture, spirituality, and ceremony to support their health and well-being. This includes the right to traditional hunting and gathering experiences.  

While the CBE has introduced the CSC code as an act of reconciliation, the code can be accessed for all students and is intended to support participation in cultural, spiritual or ceremonial events. CBE recognizes that these activities may not be considered by many families as a Religious Holiday (RH), and the inclusion of the CSC code will allow for a more inclusive response to reporting these absences. The RH code will remain available when this more appropriately captures the reason for absence. 


Code Description Explanation 
CSC Cultural-Spiritual-Ceremonial Student is absent to participate in a cultural, spiritual or ceremonial event. 


Should you have any questions please contact the office directly.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, September 1. All teachers will be outside as of 8:30 a.m. on the compound in their designated areas except for Kindergarten.  Kindergarten teachers will be on the west side of the school and will greet families at the Kindergarten doors.


 Benita Dalton, Principal

Jun 21
Principal's Message

Dear Coventry Families,


This is our last full week together and we are looking forward to these last moments with our students.  It is a busy one as students engage in reflection about what they have learned this year in relation to the Seven Sacred Teachings.  Each Child is writing an 'I am' poem to share our personal histories.  This poem will be shared with next year's teacher as an introduction to their new classroom community. On June 21st, we will be sharing our commitment to Truth and Reconcilation as a part of Indigenous World People's Day. 

This Friday is our annual sports day – Colourful Coventry.  Just a reminder to wear the designated colours for the grade team. In the last message, information was given for each grade. Check your child's Google Classroom to look up their colour. School Council has sponsored the purchase of a popsicle for each student, so on Friday in the late morning, all students will be given a popsicle. If you have concerns regarding this, contact your child's teacher directly.

June is a time of change.  This is the time of year when teachers make transitions to other opportunities with the Calgary Board of Education.  To date, we have confirmed that some of our staff are moving on and there are still positions to be filled throughout the CBE so there may be other teachers moving as well.  We should have most positions confirmed by next Monday, June 27th. We have been so fortunate to have these teachers be a part of the Coventry Hills School Staff and we wish them all the best as they move onto different schools within the CBE.

We would like to extend our appreciation for our temporary contract teachers who came in to cover for short term contracts as positions are created or teacher leaves occurred.   Ms. Monds, Ms. Finlay, Ms. Pritchard, Ms. Petersen, and Mr. Clarke spent their first year(s) of teaching with us and we wish them well as they move onto other positions and continued success in their teaching careers.  Mr. Corriveau and Mrs. Turner, our grade 4 and 5 Learning Leaders will be heading to new schools and continuing in the Learning Leader position at their new schools. I would like to thank them for partnering to lead our Coventry Hills Staff in the work of the CBE and sharing their expertise with us.  Mrs. Ta and Mrs. Hinks are going on leaves next year to pursue other opportunities and we wish them well in their new adventures, they will return back to another school in the CBE in the 2023- 24 school year. Mrs. Rosenthal will be on maternity leave all next year and we look forward to her return in the 2023-2024 school year. Mrs. Verstraete is also moving on to a new a new teaching position at a school in the southwest. Thank you to the teachers and their tireless service. The teachers have created strong bonds with the students and have made a mark on our school.  We will also say goodbye to Mrs. Best, our Adminstrative Assistant who has been covering for Mrs. Cindy Armstrong who will be returning in September. 

Our last day of school is Tuesday, June 28th.  We will be hosting a grade 5 Farewell Assembly for the grade 5 students and their parents in our school gym. We will have a short assembly with the student body who will attend virtually to say farewell to our grade 5 students.  Grade 5 parents, you will have received an invitation from your child already and teachers will be emailing more information to families.  We will start our assembly at 9:30 am sharp. Thank you to School Council/CHEFS for donating a legacy tree that will be planted in our school Naturalization Space next week. 

 Wednesday, June 29th is our Appeals Day 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If parents have concerns regarding their child's report card, please call the office at 9:00 to set up an appointment to discuss it with your child's teacher. 

Report Cards will be released on Tuesday, June 28th. We are no longer printing report cards so please see the information below regarding how to access MYCBE/Powerschool account to see your child's grade.  See below with more information that was sent home to families from Chief Superintendent Usih.

Online Report Cards

Families will be able to view online student report cards for all K-12 students on June 28, 2022.

Parents and Guardians can log in to MyCBE to view student information, including report cards, comments from your child's teacher, assignments and grades, and attendance information. For best access to information, log in to the MyCBE Portal instead of using the PowerSchool App.

Need help? Check out the video tutorials, user guides and other technical support on the MyCBE Technical Support Page.

ID Numbers

Your child's CBE ID Number is required to register for a MyCBE Account. This number can be found on your child's CBE ID card or on their report card. If you do not have a MyCBE account and do not know your child's CBE ID number, contact your child's school before the end of the school year.

Check for Outstanding Fees

Parents are encouraged to check their MyCBE account for any fees that may be still outstanding for the school year. All payments should be received by June 30. CBE has a waiver process for families who can't afford to pay the fees. Waiver applications for the 2021-22 school year must be completed by June 30.


Benita Dalton, Principal​

Oct 13

“Gratitude helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t.”~ Annette Bridges

As many of us celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to the staff, students and parents of Coventry Hills School.  We are an amazing community and I have seen firsthand the care that we have for one another.  On many occasions in the last few weeks, so many have stepped in to help and express their gratitude.  We are fortune to work with such support.

Recently, there has been bite in the air as the colder weather will soon be on its way. We have been so fortunate to have a nice autumn and the leaves have turned into a rainbow of fall colours.  Thank you to Ms. Brady, our PE teacher who is outside every day with our students ensuring they have an opportunity to engage in meaningful physical education experiences. Students will continue to be outside in the elements for daily PE so that they can have space to have some fun and ensuring appropriate physical distancing. Please send your child(ren) dressed appropriately for our unpredictable fall weather that will soon be upon us.

Next week will be our first school council meeting. A School Messenger was sent our regarding the Annual General Meeting. All parents are welcome to attend our virtual meeting on Thursday, October 15 at 6:30.  Information was sent out via school messenger on Friday. We will share the link again on Wednesday through school messenger. During this meeting, I will be introducing the staff and sharing information regarding our school start up and the Google Classroom for online instruction.

As new information regarding COVID-19 is released, I know the information can be overwhelming for families. At the school, we are working to ensure care and safety in our classrooms to eliminate as much risk as possible.  Alberta Health has released a new AHS parent COVID guide. If you have any questions about the process, you can call Health Link at 811.


Benita Dalton

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Congratulations to the Lord Beaverbrook High School Jazz Band and Dr. E.W. Coffin School Grade 4, Room 5. They are finalists in the CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge. Check out their submissions! #WeAreCBE

RT @ZooSchoolyyc: How do we teach the value and importance of our connection to all living things? Maybe by getting to know our local neighbours? This is a concept our Chris Akkermann students are just beginning to understand. Have you spotted this local winter bird?

RT @kinggeorgecbe: Le défi du flocon de neige a commencé! Comment est-ce que tous les élèves dans chaque classe vont créer un flocon de neige qui est aussi grand que Mme Shafina ou Mme Renée, en utilisant seulement le papier, les ciseaux et la laine? @CBELanguages #WeAreCBE

RT @KeelerSchool: Grade 6 students created pictograph rocks using symbols and colours to communicate their connections to the land. #WeAreCBE #Keeler

Check out this story about the @twowheelview 10-week Earn-A-Bike program at Crescent Heights High School. Students receive a refurbished bicycle, helmet and basic tools to maintain their new ride. #WeAreCBE