​​Students in the Calgary Board of Education travel to school in a variety of ways, including walking, taking yellow buses or Calgary Transit or being driven by parents/guardians. Their safety is important, no matter how they get to school and home again.​​​

Getting to School

After School Pick Up

For the first two weeks of school, teachers will stay on the compound with the children until approximately 4:10 PM to ensure that they are picked up. Starting the third week of school, we expect that children are aware of your meeting spot and can go there independently to meet you. Teachers will also be practicing your child on how to walk around to the front office doors with their classes in the event that they are late or arrive at a locked door. We ask that parents please be on time so that the end of the day ends smoothly for all of our students. 

If you are running late, please contact us at 403-777-6025 to let us know and proceed to the school office to pick up your child.

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is not being offered at Coventry Hills School at this time. Please ensure your child has adequate care arrangements outside of school hours.

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