Regular Program Registration​

To register a student please follow the Registration instructions outlined on the CBE website. 

Registration at Calgary Board of Education (CBE) schools is not determined on a first come, first served basis. Registration and admission to schools in CBE are governed by the Education Act and Administrative Regulation 6090 | Child and Student Registration and Admission.

General Registration Information

If you have questions for our school, contact us for information.

It is not possible to register at the school on holidays and during the summer. During the summer break you can find more information and dates on our Back to School page.

Non-Canadian students have a different registration process, please follow the registration process outlined on the New to Canada page.​

How to Register

Notice Regarding Designation for Students Residing in the Carrington and Coventry Hills

Oct. 28, 2022

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) would like to inform parents/guardians that Cambrian Heights School and Colonel Irvine School are experiencing continued enrolment and are at capacity. To relieve the high enrolment pressures, students living in the Carrington community and a portion of the Coventry Hills community are being re-designated to another school. 

Effective for the 2023-24 school year, the following changes will be implemented:

  • Students living in the Carrington community will no longer be designated to Cambrian Heights (kindergarten - Grade 6) and Colonel Irvine (Grade 7 – Grade 9) and will now be designated to Northern Lights (kindergarten - Grade 5) and Nose Creek (Grade 6 - Grade 9).
  • All new registrations from students that reside in the Coventry Hills community who are on the boundary of Coventry Hills School and Northern Lights School, and who choose between the schools, will now be designated to only Coventry Hills School.
  • All new registrations from students that reside in the west portion of the Coventry Hills community currently designated to Northern Lights will be designated to Coventry Hills School.

See the notice for more information.

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​​​​​​​​​​What School is Next and Transferring Between CBE Schools

Every CBE student has a designated school based on their home address. When you transition from elementary to middle school, or from middle school to high school, you will be automatically registered at your designated school according to your home address. To find your designated school, use our Find a School tool. 

​If you are interested in attending a school other than your designated school, visit the Transfers webpage for transfer information. Please note that some schools are quite full and not able to accept all transfer requests. ​