Acceptable Use Policy

For Electronic Devices

Students at Captain Nichola Goddard School are encouraged to use our network and digital learning tools to collaborate with others to change the world in meaningful, positive ways. By utilizing the school’s computers and/or the network, students agree to the guidelines for digital technology use outlined in this document.

The three guiding pillars for good Digital Citizenship at our school are:

  • Respect for Yourself 
  • Respect for Others 
  • Respect for Personal and Shared Property

Students are encouraged to use digital technology to:

  • Access, critically assess, and communicate information and understanding 
  • Seek alternative viewpoints and collaborate during inquiry 
  • Construct personal knowledge and meaning 
  • Demonstrate  understandings 
  • Organize and manipulate data 
  • Interact with others in positive ways

Prohibited acts include:

  • Use of someone else’s CBE account or access to network 
  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures 
  • Using obscene language 
  • Harassing, insulting or attacking another person or their reputation 
  • Trespassing in others peoples folders, work or files 
  • Accessing, posting, sending or downloading of inappropriate material 
  • Assuming the identity of another person to gain information 
  • Viewing web pages through a proxy server 
  • Running an application/program from a memory stick/jump drive 
  • In any way moving, opening hardware or computer accessories 
  • Any attempt and/or threats to harm a person 
  • Plagiarism of online content 
  • Posting, publishing, circulating or distributing personal information about oneself or others without the supervision and consent of a staff member 
  • Sharing of usernames and passwords for other people to use 
  • Use of technology or the network to access prohibited material

Prohibited materials include:

  • Vulgar or lewd depiction of the human body 
  • Any content publicly labelled for adults 
  • Images or text that glorify the use of weapons or promote violent acts 
  • On-line gambling 
  • Sites that encourage the use of illicit or illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol 
  • Sites that advocating violence or hatred against an identifiable group, ie. race, religion, gender, disabilities, age, colour, sexual orientation, etc. 
  • Sites promoting criminal activity

Violations of this policy may result in restriction or loss of CBE computer and/or network privileges or other disciplinary consequences determined to be appropriate by teachers and administration.

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