Music 6 

Grade six students will have the opportunity to play and explore a variety of musical instruments such as percussion, orff, ukulele, and drums. Singing, practicing rhythms, music theory, and learning to read music will be included. Students will perform in a concert to showcase their learning at the conclusion of their semester.  

Concert Band 7, 8, 9 

This is a full-year course where students learn how to work together, listen to others, and how to persevere when faced with challenges. Students will focus on an in-depth study of one instrument of their choice through individual and collaborative learning. Each band works hard to learn notes, rhythms, and other musical elements in order to play a range of pieces. Students will have a variety of opportunities to work with professional musicians, attend workshops and festivals, participate in band camp and be a part of several performances throughout the year. 

CNGS Jazz Band 

This extra-curricular activity gives students with advanced skills an opportunity to perform stage band music such as swing, blues, Latin and rock pieces. Students work on their independent playing skills, and improvisation is encouraged. Jazz band rehearsals are Thursday mornings at 7:15am. 






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