Grade 6 Humanities 

The major focus for grade six Humanities is learning about democracy in different contexts. From the Ancient Athenians to the Iroquois Confederacy, we will learn how this important concept has impacted both Canadians and the world. 

As part of the English Language Art curriculum students will be exposed to a variety of literature that focusses on world events and issues around democracy. They will learn about how to craft a newspaper article as well as a study how to write a narrative story. 

Alberta Education - Grade 6 At A Glance

Grade 7 Humanities: 

Grade 7 Humanities is the combination of English language arts and social studies.  The content of study is focused on the history of Canada from the differing perspectives of the major stakeholders:  Britain, France, and First Nations. The evolving history of Canada continues to shape our nation and ideas of citizenship grow and change, as do the demographics of our country.  These are the concepts that are explored within the grade seven curriculum as we study the events that shaped our nation. 

The strands of language arts; reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing are taught through these three themes of Canadian history; diverse peoples, towards confederation, and after confederation.  Most literature selections used in the classroom compliment social studies themes. 

Current events, personal experiences, and character education virtues may also be used as themes in writing assignments.  A personal journal for this writing is kept in the classroom. 

All curriculum materials and content will be modified to meet the learning needs of individual students. 

 Alberta Education - Grade 7 At A Glance

Grade 8 Humanities - To be added

Alberta Education - Grade 8 At A Glance

Grade 9 Humanities: 

Grade 9 students will analyze the relationship between Canada’s political and legislative processes and their impact on issues pertaining to governance, rights, citizenship and identity. Students will also explore issues of economics and their impact on quality of life, citizenship and identity in Canada and the United States. In order for students to make realistic connections, there will be a high focus on current events. As well, all Grade 9 students will participate in Civic Mirror. 

The Civic Mirror actively engages students in learning about government, law, economics, and citizenship. Students are expected to create a nation, with a government and legislation, all while trying to provide the necessities of life for their families. They must balance their political and economic ideologies with their own personal beliefs and values. The Civic Mirror brings all of these subjects to life both in class and online. This simulation-based education program challenges students to become citizens of their own nation. 

Civic Mirror  

The aim of Grade 9 English language arts is to enable each student to understand and appreciate language, and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction and learning. There is a focus on using a variety of texts to ensure a well-rounded perspective and understanding of text and text features. Students will also be asked to use their reading and writing skills to make connections to other texts, themselves, and the world. 

Alberta Education - Grade 9 At A Glance

English Language Learning - ELL

The English Language Learning program at Captain Nichola Goddard School focuses on bringing the experiences and understandings of our students in a supportive classroom environment.  We focus the acquisition of academic English in the 4 areas of language proficiency; listening; speaking; reading; and writing. Our work centers on supporting student needs through personalized learning strategies, both in the classroom and through our “Power Up Your Learning” option class, new to our school this year.   

Our ELL population makes up approximately 30% of our total student population at CNG. We have a diverse representation of languages and cultures that span over 10 languages and 12 countries. Many of our students are active participants in a variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities. They are the ambassadors to learning and thinking about diversity and add to the rich cultural tapestry here at Captain Nichola Goddard Middle School.  

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