​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses


In Art, students of all skill level have a chance to express themselves through different medias. Art has three main areas of focus:  

Drawing: The ways we record visual information and discoveries  

Compositions: All the ways images are put together to create meaning  

Encounters with art: Where we meet and how we respond to visual imagery.  

Through mini projects and different tasks, students will have an opportunity to explore all of these ideas.  


Curious what CTF stands for? Good question. It stands for Career and Technology Foundations. 

What is this program meant for?  Even better question. This program is meant to give students authentic experiences in various occupational areas.  

So in Construction, this could mean students are contracted to build projects for the school, or are acting as OHS officers inspecting processes and practices for safety.  

In CTF 6, it could mean students are taught business skills and presentation programs to promote their own, self-designed product. The idea is to give students a variety of experiences so they can have a better idea of what they want to move on to after High School. 

 For more information on these individual programs, see below: 


The focus of Construction is to provide students with basic woodworking skills that they can use for the rest of their life. Centered around safety, each class begins with a focus on hazard assessment to ensure a professional and careful approach to their work. To ensure every student has a place to start, the program is separated into 4 levels that students work through by mastering the tools assigned to each level. This way, a student can take Construction for the first time in Grade 9 learning basic skills, while working alongside a student who has taken the course since Grade 7 and is working on more complicated techniques.  

 Something Unique for Construction: 

School Contracting projects like our Whiteboard Carts! 

Field Trips! You can go to SAIT and try some of their hands on courses like Mechanics OR go to a Construction Expo and try your hand at welding! 

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CTF6 focuses on basic business skills and helping students understand the world of consumerism a little better. This process includes lessons on budgeting to teach money management, advertising to teach persuasive techniques, and using computer programs so they have a base of knowledge when tasked with making a powerpoint or a word document. Eventually, students will be challenged with creating, promoting and selling their own product to show their understanding of the skills they were taught. In this challenge, they will have to manage a budget, advertise and use computer programs to put their presentation together.  

Something Unique: 

Before the end of the term, students will be participating in an authentic experience where they have to attempt to promote and sell their products to their peers. Ideally using persuasive techniques to sell, students will be part of a ‘farmers market’ type of sale that will have a frenzy of buyers looking to purchase their products! 

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CTF Foods

This course is listed under CTF, a program designed to allow students to explore possible career options. The Foods course is not only about cooking, just as being a chef is not the only food-related career. In order to provide students with a well-rounded representation of possible career options, classes will be covering, though not limited to, the following topics this term.  

Safety and sanitation/ kitchen cleaning 

Food Preparation Techniques 

Nutrition and healthy food choices 

Careers in Culinary Arts 

Performing Arts 7-9 

The performing arts are for everyone. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.  Students will be encouraged to develop their skills, deepen knowledge and discover their own voice through the arts. They will have the opportunity to explore their creativity through movement, speech, improvisation, and acting! 

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