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PositionName & Email
PrincipalMr. J. Leavitt
Assistant Principal A – GMs. E. Moreau
Assistant Principal H - OMs. L. Martinez Zuniga
Assistant Principal P – ZMs. R. Jacobi

Career & Life Management (CALM)

Name & Email
Ms. M. Bee
Mr. D. Greszczyszyn
Ms. P. San Juan
Ms. E. Tatulis

Career & Technology Studies (CTS)

Name & Email
Mr. S. WiebeLearning Leader
Mr. A. Abdalla
Ms. K. Bidulock
Mr. J. Chin
Mr. S. D'Souza
Ms. D. Hewitt
Mr. D. Marklinger
Mr. T. Mo
Mr. B. Prcic
Mr. C. Price
Mr. R. Rast
Ms. N. Rosado

English Language Arts (ELA) 

Name & Email
Ms. R. ClarkeLearning Leader
Ms. A. Akbar
Ms. L. Deck
Ms. L. Gould
Mr. M. Hanson
Ms. J. McGregor 
Ms. J. Shaskin
Ms. K. Shewkenek
Ms. E. Taskey

English Language Learners (ELL)

Name & Email
Mr. J. LeLearning Leader, ELL and LEAD Classes
Ms. H. ElshurafaTeacher LEAD Class
Ms. V. GillTeacher LEAD Class
Ms. C. TalenTeacher LEAD Class
Ms. E. WestburyTeacher LEAD Class

Fine & Performing Arts Department

Name & Email
Ms. A. De MaraLearning Leader
Ms. M. Bee
Mr. I. Burgess
Ms. F. Feltes
Ms. E. Tatulis
Mr. S. Wiebe 

Flex Class

Name & Email
Ms. K. Grant

Guidance / Student Services

Name & Email
Ms. J. Moar Learning Leader,
Guidance Counselor H - O
Ms. D. BarnesGuidance Counsellor P - Z
Mr. B. DanceyGuidance Counselor A - G
Ms. M. HaddockLearning Leader Specialized Classes
Ms. M. HickieResource
Ms. H. Rahal
Guidance Secretary
Mr. A. SayerResource
Ms. M. SigvaldasonGuidance Counsellor - ELL

Indigenous Student Services

Name & Email
Ms. M. Hickie


Name & Email
Ms. I. PiornoLearning Leader Spanish Bilingual Program

Language and Culture

Name & Email
Mr. M. HansonFrench
 Ms. C. Yunta Spanish
 Mr. R. Rast  German
Ms. L. ZhengChinese

Learning Commons (Library)

Name & Email
Ms. A. Anderson


Name & Email
 Mr. S. MacNeill Learning Leader
Ms. G. Hass
Mr. P. Hudson
Mr. G. McIvor
Mr. F. Merali 
Mr. M. Nim
Ms. A. Saini 
Mr. D. Stone
Ms. T. Wake
Ms. L. Walker 
Mr. S. Walker  
Ms. S. Webb

Physical Education / Athletics

Name & Email
Mr. K. Rose Learning Leader
Mr. M. Baum
Mr. T. Chau
Mr. D. Greszczyszyn
Ms. N. Losier
Ms. M. Moulton Athletic Director
Mr. A. Sayer
Ms. J. Sayer
Ms. J. Seagrove
Mr. K. Webster
Ms. J. Woods 


Name & Email
Ms. R. Jewers
Learning Leader
Mr. D. Hartley
Mr. C. Hornick
Mr. P. Jones
Mr. J. Kalkman
Ms. E. Li
Ms. O. LyderScience Tech
Mr. T. Mo
Ms. M. Mohammad
Mr. O. Sandblom
Ms. S. Sutton
Mr. R. Towpich
Mr. C. Walker 

Social Studies

Name & Email
Mr. D. Guertin
 Learning Leader
 Mr. R. Barker  
 Mr. I. Burgess  
Mr. N. Currie
Ms. M. Martinez  
Mr. G. Melrose
Ms. J. Pelletier
Mr. S. Posavec
Ms. J. Shaskin
Mr. A. Shivji
Ms. J. Tuffs
Mr. B. Wade
Mr. D. Ward  


Specialized Classes

Name & Email
Ms. M. HaddockLearning Leader, Specialized Classes
Mr. J. BarrettTeacher Bridges
Ms. M. HickieTeacher Bridges
Ms. T. MacDonaldTeacher THE Class

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Administrative AssistantMs. B. Rocca
SIS AssistantMs. J. Clarke
School SecretaryMs. A. Smithers

Business Office Staff

Position Name & Email
 Business Manager Ms. S. Munn


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This morning, CHHS staff participated in a smudge led by our very own Ms Laplante and her daughter. We reflected on and celebrated the outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay @Indigenous_cbe #WeAreCBE #CrescentStrong https://t.co/taV7cScUwc

RT @Indigenous_cbe: The #CBEIndigenousEd Team wishes everyone a Happy Solstice & National #IndigenousPeoplesDay! Today Natoosi☀️shines longer than any other day of the year because there is so much to celebrate about being Indigenous that we need a little extra time. 🥰 #WeAreCBE #GreetingNatoosi https://t.co/HyLaibPv70

RT @yyCBEdu: In honour of National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day, our schools are engaged in the process of renewing their TRC Commitments to Action. Read how staff & students are engaged in the work of Truth and Reconciliation: https://t.co/bFt6weY6v8 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/chB3Tv0nY6