Aug 30
Principal Update

Dear Crescent Heights High School Parents and Guardians, 

My name is Teresa Martin.  I will be stepping in to assume the position of Acting Principal at Crescent Heights High School while Mr. Joel Leavitt is away on leave. 

I am honored to be joining Crescent Heights High School. I have been closely connected with Education Director Melody Pelling to ensure a smooth transition and continuity in addressing school goals and priorities. 

I am a recently retired Education Director, with many years of experience within the CBE, most recently as the Education Director for Area 2.  I have also served students and families as a principal in a variety of schools settings, including at the high school level. I believe that all students can succeed, and to make that happen we all need to work collaboratively.  

I appreciate your understanding during this transition. Please rest assured that our priority will continue to be to provide a quality learning program for all students at Crescent Heights High School. I look forward to meeting students and families and beginning our collective work for the 2023 - 2024 school year. 

​Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at the school.  

Teresa Martin 

Jun 14
Farewell Message

​Dear CHHS Students and Families,

As we come to the end of another school year, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Serving as your principal has been an absolute honor and pleasure.

This year, despite the bustling, crowded halls that accommodated numerous students, we have achieved tremendous success together. I am immensely proud of our collective accomplishments and the lasting memories we have created.  I have taken the time to share a few of this year's highlights below

Our fine arts program has thrived, showcasing an impressive gallery of student artwork that truly captivated us. The talent and dedication displayed by our students were truly exceptional. We also enjoyed the laughter and entertainment brought by two outstanding school plays, which left us amazed and delighted.

Our athletic teams have also excelled. Our football team achieved a flawless record, demonstrating their remarkable skills and teamwork. The Junior Girls' basketball team emerged as city champions, filling us all with immense pride. Additionally, our Track and Field team showcased outstanding achievements, securing two of six city championship banners.

I want to extend a special congratulations to two remarkable students who were awarded highly prestigious scholarships in Canada, recognizing their exceptional talents and hard work. Their success reflects the high caliber of our students, and I am incredibly proud of their achievements.  Between these two students, $200,000 were awarded in scholarships.

Beyond academics and sports, our school community thrived through various events and activities. Dance shows, pep rallies, and other engaging initiatives fostered a sense of belonging and ignited our school spirit. The dedication to learning and personal growth demonstrated by our students throughout the year was truly inspiring.

Looking ahead, I want to inform you that next school year, Crescent Heights High School will experience a decrease in enrollment as some students transition to the newly established North Trail High School. While we will miss our former Crescent Heights students, we are excited about the opportunities North Trail High School will provide to families in the north, eliminating long commutes. We extend our warmest wishes to our former students and the new staff of North Trail High School, hoping for their happiness and success as they embark on this new chapter.

As we conclude this school year, I want to wish all students, families, and staff a truly wonderful summer break. May this time be filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, and quality moments with loved ones. It is my sincere hope that each member of our learning community takes this opportunity to recharge and prepare for the upcoming school year in September. I eagerly anticipate the return of our students, as we look forward to a new year with refreshed spirits and continued growth as a school community.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Together, we have achieved great things, and I am confident that our future holds even more success and memorable experiences. Have a fantastic summer, and I eagerly await our reunion in the fall.

​Warmest regards,

Joel Leavitt

Principal, Crescent Heights High School

Jan 20
Staff Changes

Hello CHHS Community,

I am very pleased to announce some key administration changes that are happening at CHHS. Recently, two of our Assistant Principals have moved along to other key positions within our school board. Assistant Principal Tim Kitchen took a specialist position last December. Tim will be replaced by Lis Martinez, currently an Assistant Principal at Senator Patrick Burns School. Furthermore, Assistant Principal Rachel Elliot will be taking on the role of an Assistant Principal at the new North High School. Robyn Jacobi, currently a CHHS resource teacher, will be taking on Rachel’s CHHS Assistant principal seat. All of these changes will come into effect as of January 30th. I am very excited with the new teachers that have agreed to take on the vacant CHHS administration roles. Lis Martinez and Robyn Jacobi are incredible teachers that both have the ability to quickly form positive relationships with students and to unconditionally support the ever-shifting, complex needs of teenaged learners. All CHHS students will continue to benefit from strong administrative supports as the new APs take on their new roles.

In addition to the new CHHS Assistant Principals, our learning community will also be welcoming in a new key administrative assistant. After serving at CHHS for several years, Shannon Lamb, our former head CHHS administrative assistant, has taken on a new position at Henry Wisewood High School. Shannon has left CHHS is prime condition for our new head Administrative Assistant to assume the role. Barb Rocca, currently at Kenneth Taylor School, will be taking on this important role on January 30. Barb is a personable and level-headed professional that will be instrumental in keeping the entire admin team and teaching staff focused and organized. We are really looking forward to her arrival.

The entire CHHS community owes a great debt of gratitude to Tim Kitchen, Rachel Elliot and Shannon Lamb for the countless hours of service, organization and compassion that they have freely given during their time at CHHS. They will be missed, however, we know that they are key professionals lending their skillsets to other areas of Calgary public education. We wish them all the best in their continued journeys.

Best Regards,

Joel Leavitt

Feb 24
Greetings CHHS Community

Greetings CHHS Community,

My name is Joel Leavitt and I will be the new principal for Crescent Heights High School as of February 22nd, 2022.  I am very excited about returning to CHHS to rejoin one of the finest learning communities in Calgary.  I want to take this opportunity to give a brief self-introduction.

Most recently, I was the principal at Senator Patrick Burns School, home of the largest middle school Spanish bilingual program in the nation.  As of next school year, CHHS will be extending the Spanish bilingual program for all students that are interested in continuing their Spanish learning at the high school level.  I am grateful to be able to transition along side all SPB Spanish bilingual students that are headed to CHHS.  I look forward to seeing many familiar faces in September!

Prior to SPB, I worked at many middle schools and high schools including Forest Lawn High School, John G. Diefenbaker High School and Crescent Heights High School.  In each setting, I have learned the importance of building strong relationships of trust with students and faculty to support the best learning practices.  I am very passionate about guiding young adults to maximizing their learning potential and exploring a wide array of career paths that are only a few short years away.

I spent four of the best years of my career as a second languages and Social Studies teacher at CHHS.  During those years, I quickly learned how special CHHS was as a learning community.  CHHS was a safe and caring learning environment that provided confidence, opportunity and teacher connection to all learners.  That feeling of safety and belonging has always stayed with me through the years since teaching at CHHS.  I’m excited to rejoin this community and extend that sense of belonging and safety to all people connected to CHHS.

I look forward to working with all students and families as I reconnect to this special learning environment.  It is my sincere hope to serve all CHHS families as we work together to prepare these amazing young Calgarians for an exciting future.  I want all families and students to know that I am here to assist and support in the foundational work of maximizing learning for every member of the CHHS community.  Get ready for continued fun, academic rigor, and a tremendous sense of belonging.

Cowboy for life,

​​​​​​​Joel Leavitt​

Jun 29
Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

​On behalf of the staff at Crescent Heights High School, I would like to welcome all students and their families to the 2021-2022 school year. As a staff, we are incredibly excited to welcome back our students, and reconnect with our families, particularly given the events over the past several months.

​Among the many positives to emerge out of last year’s COVID-19 challenge is the importance of heart-felt connections and our genuine need to be connected to a strong and caring network. As a school community we have emerged from this period much stronger and closer than ever, and we look forward to welcoming our new Grade 10’s into this culture of caring and respect.

​Moving forward into the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue to be vigilant and flexible, putting student and staff safety and wellbeing at the forefront of our daily routines. We will continue to enact all necessary health and safety protocols that are provided to us through our partners at Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary. It is important that families stay connected to the school during the summer by email and social media for the latest information. Please provide our front office updated contact information so as not to miss important information.​

Prior to the start of our school year, I would strongly encourage all parents/guardians to familiarize yourself with our Student Code of Conduct, Crescent Heights High School Assessment Policy, as well as our Parent Communication Cheat Sheet. These documents are located on our website. The primary goal of these guiding documents is to create consistent messaging that supports, reinforces and enhances student learning. Additional sources of information can be found on the schools @crescentcowboys Twitter and our @crescentcowboys Instagram feeds.

As a school community we continue to transition Crescent Heights High School into a true ‘campus’ model, where students can engage in their studies through their preferred learning style. These learning opportunities include our Science and Technology AP Learning Focus, Traditional Community Approach, as well as our Self-Paced Learning Program. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of our dual credit programs in partnership with the University of Calgary, SAIT, Bow Valley College, and the Alberta University of the Arts. These partnerships allow students to gain post-secondary and high school credit exploring future areas of interest.​​

Some reminders for a smooth start-up:

  • Please be sure to contact the school regarding student absences and lates.Parent(s)/guardian(s) are reminded of the importance that regularattendance and punctuality have on long-term student academic growth and success.
  • Parents and guests are reminded to check-in with our main office prior toentering the building during our regular school day.
  • Guests and visitors to our learning community will be given a visitor badge so our students and staff can identify those who are welcome in the building.
  • Please allow space directly in front of the main doors for bus drop-off/pick-up, this is particularly important for those students requiring wheelchair accessibility.
  • Please make sure that your demographic information is up-to-date and correct so that the school can contact you in a timely manner.
  • Please refrain from texting or contacting your child via cellphone during class time as this disrupts the learning of others. We ask that parent(s)/guardian(s) contact the main office who can relay any important messages to your child(ren).

As families begin to develop their fall calendars, please be aware of the following up-coming dates and events in August and September. These dates are subject to change based on recommendations from Alberta Health Services, The City of Calgary, and/or Calgary Board of Education representatives.

Lastly, in our conversations with students over the coming days we will emphasize the importance of ‘getting involved’ in extracurricular clubs, teams, and groups. This includes students trying out for athletic teams, joining clubs, and becoming active in our school’s extensive extra-curricular opportunities. Developing a stronger connection through extra-curricular activities ultimately results in improved academic performance. Therefore, I would highly encourage your child to put themselves forward for these opportunities throughout the school year.​

In conclusion, we look forward to connecting with all our students and parent(s)/guardian(s) in the coming days and weeks as we begin our exciting 2021-2022 learning journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Assistant Principals Eve Moreau (last names A-G), Tim Kitchen (last names H-O), or Rachel Elliott (last names P-Z) throughout the course of the year.

Mike Wilson
Principal – Crescent Heights High School

Jan 11
Semester I Update

​As per the Government of Alberta announcement on Thursday, January 7th, we are looking forward to seeing students back at CHHS for in-person learning starting Monday, January 11th.  In preparation for the transition back, your child(ren) participated in a goal setting and time management skill building task with their homeroom teacher today.  Our hope is that students use the last three weeks of semester 1 to engage in focused learning on final assessments and re-assessment opportunities.  Our schedule for the rest of January is listed below.

January and Final Assessment Schedule

January 11 – 22- in-person learning following our regular timetable.  

January 25 – 28- “Focus Days” for credit rescue - students only required to attend by teacher request 

January 11 – 28- Diploma exams (optional)

January 29- Non-Instructional Day- no school

February 1- Semester 1 Report Cards visible in PowerSchool & Start of Semester II classes

Technology Return: 

Students who borrowed technology from the school will be asked to return it on Monday, January 11th.  Students are asked to return their device to the multipurpose room which is beside our school front doors.  

We know that this has been a challenging semester for students and parents, however we have been inspired by the way in which our students, parents, and teachers have met this challenge with perseverance and optimism.  We wish to welcome all students back on Monday with a collective goal of all students finishing off the semester to the best of their ability.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher, Assistant Principal and/or Guidance Counsellor if you have any questions or concerns about their progress and final assessment plan. 

Dec 14
Important Learner Update

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), 

On Tuesday November 24th, 2020, Premier Jason Kenney announced that all Grade 7-12 students would be transitioning to Scenario 3: At-Home Learning starting on Monday November 30th.  It is important to note that this is not a transition to ‘remote emergency teaching’like in March to June 2020. Rather, Crescent Heights High School’s goal is to provide temporary access to instruction and instructional supports that students would have received through a face-to-face approach.  On average, students will be asked to complete approximately six hours of work per 5-credit semestered course per week.    

Please watch this video highlighting some of the key points, outlined in detail below: 

Learning Expectations 

Teachers will continue to be responsible for assessing the progress of students, which means that course marks may rise or decline based on students’ ability to demonstrate learning outcomes.  Students will continue to be responsible for actively engaging in their learning, and diligently completing all learning tasks assigned by their teachers. 

Kinetic or shop-based complementary courses, such as Metal Technology, Automotives, and Dance may be required to shift or modify their current activities to better support an online learning approach.  CTS and Fine and Performing Arts teachers will communicate these changes to students in the coming days, however it is important to note that they will continue to be offered during their regularly scheduled times.   


Crescent Heights High School will continue to follow our normal attendance policy, with teachers taking attendance each period.  Students will be asked to continue to follow their normal Monday-to-Friday timetable by accessing their classes through GoogleMeet or D2L virtual class links.  Teachers may chunk learning time into smaller mini-lessons, small group teaching, and/or responding to individual questions.   

If students are not able to attend a class due to illness or medical appointments, parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to contact the schools attendance line at 403-276-5521 to report the absence, as per our normal process.   

Parent(s)/guardian(s) will continue to receive calls from those classes that students miss, if you have any questions regarding absences please contact the school.   

Weekly Timetable 

As indicated, students will continue to follow their regular Monday-to-Friday alternating schedule which is: 

​Key Dates 

Please note the following dates for your planning: 

Monday November 30th: Online learning begins, students will be asked to follow their regular Monday-to-Friday Schedule. 

Friday December 4thNon-Instructional Day, no student classes scheduled 

Friday December 18thLast day of classes prior to the start of the Winter Break 

Saturday December 19th – Sunday January 3rdWinter Break, no classes will be scheduled  

Monday January 4thClasses resume online 

Friday January 8thLast day of online classes 

Monday January 11thProposed return to face-to-face learning on campus 

Technology Supports 

Prior to the transition to online learning, Crescent Heights High School administration was able to provide 140 students with technology to support their learning.  We would like to thank the Calgary Board of Education’s Technology Department for their swift support of these students and their learning.   

We understand that some students may not be able to access technology during their scheduled courses (particularly if there are siblings who also need to access technology at the same time).  If this is an issue, or if your child would be better suited to have paper copies of their courses, please contact the school main office to discuss these requirements, which we will look to support as best as possible on a case-by-case basis.   

The Calgary Board of Education’s Technology team has also created a Parent Support Desk, which can be accessed at:

Additional Supports 

In the coming days we will look to provide families with additional supports, including wellness strategies, online learning tips and tricks, as well as important changes to the Final Exam period (scheduled from January 18th until January 29th).  Please continue to check your emails for these important updates. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all of our students and families for their tremendous support and understanding during these challenges times.  I know our collective goal is to decrease the spread of Covid-19, ultimately protecting our larger community.  Please contact our friendly front office staff if you have any questions regarding this update.  I look forward to staying connected, and look forward to the day when we can reconnect face-to-face.  


Mike Wilson  

Principal – Crescent Heights High School  

Oct 01
Calgary High School Athletics Update

On Thursday September 24, 2020, the Calgary Senior High School Sports Association (CSHSAA) in conjunction with the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District authorized the formation of practice cohorts for fall sports. 

All practice cohorts must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Government of Alberta as outlined in the document Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation-Stage 2.  Additionally the CSHSAA has set forth regulations that all schools must adhere to. 

At this time Crescent Heights High School will look to run the following activities listed below.  Students who are interested in participating are asked to attend the following meetings date/time:

  1. Football –  Thursday, October 1 at lunch in the Main Gym
  2. Girls Volleyball – Wednesday, September 30 at lunch in the Main Gym
  3. Boys Volleyball – Wednesday, September 30 at lunch in the Main Gym
  4. Girls Soccer – TBD (Meeting time to be announced on Monday, October 5th)
  5. Cross Country – Thursday, October 1 at lunch in the Yoga Room

While student interest is important it is not the only factor that will affect our schools decision to run a sport cohort.  Each school will be determining what sport may be offered based on their own given context. The following are the criteria that schools will be using to consider their decisions:

  • Impact of required quarantine for staff and or students
  • Community transmission rates
  • Availability of staff
  • The ability to clean and sanitize equipment and the facility
  • Limiting the amount of cohorts and cohort sizes will also factor into our school's decision.  We will be adhering to the maximum number of individuals that can form a cohort as outlined by the Government of Alberta Document listed above. The 50-person maximum includes any coaches/staff, instructors, participants, officials, and volunteers who consistently and routinely engage with participants at a distance of less than 2 metres.

Athletes and families must also make informed decisions regarding their decision to participate in a school sport cohort.  Information that may factor into your decision might include:

  • School cohorts are prohibited from interschool competition at any level.
  • Participation in a school sport cohort could increase an athletes chances at exposure and may be disruptive to their academics.
  • Alberta Health Services have asked families to limit the amount of cohorts for students. Some community programs may prohibit participation in additional cohorts.
  • Cohorts by necessity will be structured differently than typical High School Athletics teams and will focus on skill development rather than competitive game play.
  • Tryouts may be necessary to adhere to cohort size restrictions. 

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. Decisions for each team sport will be communicated to parents by Monday, October 5. If you have additional questions regarding school sports cohorts please contact Meagan Moulton, Athletic Director at  

Sep 11
Virtual Meet the Teacher Invite: Save the date - Sept 24th

​Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to save the date for our virtual High School Orientation session (traditionally known as Meet the Teacher).  We are tenatively looking to start sessions at 7pm.  Stay tuned for further info.  

Sep 10
CHHS Re-Entry Plan Update


On behalf of the Cresent Heights High School staff, we are looking forward to welcoming all of our students, particularly our in-coming Grade 10’s, to the up-coming 2020-21 school year. As a school community, we are committed to ensuring the social, emotional, and academic growth for all students through a community of caring. Establishing routines and structures that support student safety will be our top priority as we welcome students back.

As you are aware, on July 21st Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced that all schools across the province will return to classes under Scenario 1 – in-school classes (near normal with enhanced health measures). In response, plans are well underway in our school to welcome our community of students as we adhere to current health guidelines.

CBE’s Scenario 1 Information can be found on our website and outlines the measures we are taking to provide for the health and safety of our students. Please refer to this document for detailed information on health measures, physical set-up of schools, cleaning of schools, daily operation of schools and transportation. The actions described in the document follow the guidelines provided by Alberta Education’s K-12 School Re-entry COVID-19 information: Guidance for schools re-entry scenario 1. We will continue to refine information in our re-entry plan based on provincial and CBE guidance, and communicate these changes to you in a timely manner.

Parents are asked to visit the Crescent Heights High School website for important information regarding our school specific re-entry plan. If you have any further questions, please contact our helpful office staff at (403)276-5521.

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