Student Conduct

We, the staff and students of Crescent Heights, believe in putting learning first. To ensure student success, appropriate behavior within our learning community will be expected. Section 7 of the School Act states: “A student shall conduct himself/herself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct: 

(a) be diligent in pursuing his/her studies;
(b) attend school regularly and punctually;
(c) co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services;
(d) comply with the rules of the school;
(e) account to his/her teachers for his/her conduct; and
(f) respect the rights of others”.

It is expected that students coming to Crescent Heights will conduct themselves in accordance with this act.

Defiant Behaviour

In order to create a safe and caring learning environment, students are expected to treat everyone respectfully. We at Crescent intend to respond to defiant behaviour with immediate disciplinary action in consultation with affected staff. Some examples of defiant behaviour are:

  • Failing to give your name or produce an I.D. card when asked
  • Refusing to state what class you should be in or produce a timetable
  • Failing to report to the office when asked to do so
  • Making disrespectful remarks or gestures towards staff who are speaking to you
  • Walking away from staff who wish to speak to you
  • Continuing to loiter when asked by staff to move along

Crescent Heights has a “zero tolerance” policy. Students will be effectively suspended for any of the following

  • Possession, use of, distribution of or active contact with illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Fighting and/or acts of violence in the school or neighbourhood.
  • Possession of a weapon at school.
  • Theft and/or extortion or any other criminal activity.
  • Defacing or damaging school property.
  • Acts of defiance or threats towards staff or other students in the form of abusive language or actions.
  • Personal or sexual harassment.


Use of appropriate language is expected at Crescent Heights High School. Failure to do so may result in suspension or community service hours.

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