Preparing for High School

Welcome to Crescent Heights High School!

  • Classes begin Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
  • Schedules will be available in the student’s Power School account. We will be balancing and creating new classes right up until the first day of classes so classes may change positions.
  • Watch for a package in the mail this summer that explains start up procedures.
  • In August, please log into your parent Power School account to review your child’s schedule and attendance once they are available. This can be quickly set up through our school website. Instructions will be available in the mailout. Regular attendance plays a significant role in student success.


All students are advised to check their schedules to ensure that they are full and balanced in the number of academic core subjects each semester.

Course changes will only be made for the following:

  • An imbalance between core and option courses 
  • You didn’t meet the outcomes required for the course 
  • You passed a Summer School course
  • Timetables will not be changed for teacher preference or to be in classes with other students

If a student would like to submit a change request, please visit our website for a online request form in the summer. This information will be included in our mailout. Counsellors will work through these when they return to work the last week of August.

Typical Differences Between Junior High and Crescent High School

  • Semesters 1 & 2 
  • MUST pass courses 
  • Graded in percentages (level of understanding in the course) 
  • Grade 10 courses begin with a 10, grade 11 courses begin with a 20 and grade 12 courses begin with a 30 
  • Need prerequisites to go to next level course (65% and above recommended) 
  • Changing academic pathways is possible need to follow Alberta Education pathways 
  • Exam, tutorial and flex times - Mid January and Mid June 
  • Spare(s) in grade 11 and 12 
  • Choice and flexibility in pathways

What Do You Need to Graduate?

Diploma Requirements:

  • ELA to Grade 12 (30 level) 
  • Social Studies to Grade 12 (30 level) Science to Grade 11 (20 level) 
  • Math to Grade 11 (20 level) PE 10 
  • CALM 20 
  • 10 credits CTS/Fine Arts/PE 20 and 30 Courses 
  • 10 credits – 30 level courses in addition to ELA and Social Studies 30 
  • 100 credits total (aim for a cushion of at least 5 credits)

Senior High Course Transitions

In English Language Arts and Social Studies you can move between pathways in each grade.

In Math and Science you need to go through the foundation level. We’ll help to map this out each spring when we do registration and your teachers will suggest next grade courses for you.

What is Math 10T?

This course has been created by the Crescent Heights math department to provide students transitioning into grade 10 the opportunity to recognize their current strengths and areas for growth in the grade 10 math curriculum. Students will be continuously assessed to determine their learning progress and possible next steps for mastery of curricular outcomes. The learning will be guided by the Math 10-C Program of Study.

This course is ideal for students who have mastered a majority of the concepts of the Grade Nine Mathematics Program of Studies but have found specific learning outcomes of mathematics challenging and as a result have gaps in their mathematical knowledge.

This course will run year-long to allow students the opportunity to process and understand the material covered over a longer span of time. Additionally, students will be enrolled and complete CALM and Learning Strategies. Students will discuss tools and tricks for test-taking, school anxiety and receive support for other classes.

High School Requirements vs. Post Secondary


  • Career decisions and pathways must be made in grade 9 
  • Students should take as many sciences as possible to "open all doors" 
  • Once a student chooses a pathway, they must stay in that pathway throughout high school


  • Each post secondary institution and program within that institution set their own requirements 
  • Choosing a lower pathway initially does not necessarily "close doors" 
  • Students can move between pathways 
  • Math 30-1 is not required for all university faculties

Tips for the Semester System

  • Finding an organizational system is key. The semester moves quickly and missed classes/not keeping up with assignments compounds twice as fast as junior high. 
  • Students and families are strongly encouraged to log in to the PowerSchool account weekly to keep track of assignment, test completion and attendance 
  • Regular attendance and active participation are key 
  • Keep your notes for the next level for you to review 
  • Set short and long term goals to keep you motivated 
  • Talk to your teachers. They want to help you and you can email them ahead of time to discuss when it’s a good time to connect. 
  • Stressed about a test? Remember, these are there to let you know how you are doing and that is a positive stress. Regardless of the outcome, we are here to support you.

Teacher Tips

Tips for Tutors

  • Be sure there is instruction happening, not only homework observation/assistance 
  • Work on current topics/areas for concern first before future units 
  • Make the teacher aware you are seeking support for your child and ask teacher what areas the tutor should be working on

Tips for Homework

  • Any work not completed during class time should be completed outside of class time 
  • Students should be sure to attempt at least a few questions from each separate component of the assigned work until they feel competent with the material 
  • Students should vary the order they complete questions, to emulate writing quizzes and tests. As well, placing time restrictions and challenging themselves to not look at notes/examples and/or the answers in the back for a certain number of questions will allow them to "practice" for testing situations. 
  • Should students complete work in class, they should review and/or create study notes to prepare for quizzes and tests OR preview the next lesson.

Student Support

  • Subject Teachers: tutorials are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday morning before classes begin and can arranged individually with your teacher 
  • Resource Room for students on IPPs 
  • Guidance Counsellors 
  • Administration 
  • School Resource Officer 
  • Coaches/Club leaders 
  • Pride Teachers 
  • Communication Cheat Sheet 
  • Assessment Policy 
  • Flex days: opportunity to get extra help, make up missed assignments in class(es) you need support 
  • Completion Center: complete assessments and tests that are required to be supervised, due to absences. Open Tues/Thursday 3:45 - 5:15 Learning Commons

More information on the Student Services page.

What Do Consellors Do?

More information on the Guidance page.

Digital Resources

  • PowerSchool 
  • School Website
  • School Messages
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Remind or WhatsApp Messenger
  • Brightspace/D2L
  • Instagram @crescentcowboys
  • My Pass Account: Order transcripts, view diploma marks, register to write or rewrite diploma exams with online payment, view Detailed Academic Reports, view progress towards your diploma or certificate
  • : Log in using student educbe email account and password. Career planning, high school course mapping, research employment trends and more

Get Involved!

Getting Settled

Feeling nervous?

  • Come in for school photos and your ID the last week of August. Pick up a map from the main office and find the different areas where your classes are. Even if your classes change slightly, core classes are found in the same areas. 
  • It’s only the grade 10s on your first day. You’re all in this together, Grad class of 2022. Say "hi" to someone new in your pride class, explore and get excited about being a Cowboy! 
  • Focus on semester one. If you are struggling in your academic classes in the first few days or weeks, talk to your teacher or counsellor about changing academic pathways. 
  • If you’d like to change your schedule for semester two, stop by guidance in late October to make these request(s). 
  • Attend tutorials and ask for extra help 
  • Get involved! Even if it’s not your favourite activity, joining a club/team gives you a chance to meet people in a smaller setting. No-cut sports include: cross country and swimming in the fall 
  • Ask for help. The main office and guidance staff can help you find your way or find a contact for you if you need any assistance.
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