Participation in Athletics at Crescent Heights High School is a wonderful opportunity we provide for our students. Being on a school team is often positively associated with increased academic performance, as well as contributing positively to school culture. 

As a member of the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association (CSHSAA), Crescent Heights High School has the opportunity to participate in the following athletics programs at the Junior and Senior Levels.

  • Fall Season – Football, Cross Country, Girls Soccer and Volleyball
  • Winter Season  – Basketball, Badminton, Swim & Dive, Wrestling 
  • Spring Season – Boys Soccer, Rugby, Track and Field, Field Hockey

Athletics Program

CHHS Team Schedules & Standings 

Sr. Football - Div 2ScheduleStandings
Jr. Girls Volleyball - Div 1ScheduleStandings
Sr. Girls Volleyball - Div 1ScheduleStandings
Jr. Boys Volleyball - Div 1ScheduleStandings
Sr. Boys Volleyball - Div 1ScheduleStandings
Jr. Boys Volleyball - Div 1ScheduleStandings
Sr. Girls Soccer - Div 3ScheduleStandings
Cross CountryScheduleResults


Tryout and team information will be given in the weeks leading up to the start date of each sport. For fall sports, tryout information will be given on the first day of school. This information is typically spread through in-school announcements and our athletics social media @chhsathlectics. Students are expected to get an Annual Authorization for Athletic Tryout form signed by their parents and handed in to the coach before they are allowed to try out.

We are eagerly anticipating the return of our student-athletes to represent Crescent Athletics for the 2023-24 school year!  It is our mission to return to a successful athletics program for all of our student-athletes and coaches to participate in.  We want to ensure that each of our teams is inclusive, safe, positive and welcoming for everyone, ensure good practice to competition ratio, promote good values and ethics, provide leadership opportunities, ensure academics remain priority, and enhance all the life skills that go beyond sport. 

There are opportunities within our Athletic program available, whether you are an athlete, trainer, scorekeeper, supporting friend, spirited fan, or Instagram follower (@chhsathletics). We look forward to your return to Crescent Heights, as we endeavour this year to be the best version of the Cowboys! 

We encourage all of our students to come out and get involved in Crescent Athletics.  Below are the various Fall Sports teams, the coaches, and the 1st try-out dates and times:

Sport1st TryoutWhoHead Coach
FootballThursday, August 25
 2:00pm, Field
All StudentsMr. Sayer
Girls SoccerThursday, August 31
 4:00pm-5:00pm, Small Field
All grades
Female identifying student
Ms. Liu
Sr. Girls VolleyballWednesday, August 30
 3:00pm-5:00pm, Main Gym
Grades 11 or 12
Female identifying student
Ms. Vasiliaskas
Sr. Boys VolleyballWednesday, August 30
 3:00pm-5:00pm, Main Gym
Grades 11 or 12
Male identifying student
Mr. Chau
Jr. Boys VolleyballThursday, August 31
 4:00pm-5:30pm, Main Gym
Grades 10 or 11
Male identifying student
Mr. Scherban
Jr. Girls VolleyballThursday, August 31
 4:00pm-5:30pm, Main Gym
Grades 10 or 11
Female identifying student
Ms. Molina
Cross CountryTuesday, September 5
 3:45pm, Coaches Room
All Students Mr. Spierenburg

Come prepared for tryouts with the following items:

  1. Changed in athletic clothing
  2. Have appropriate footwear
  3. Bring a personal water bottle
  4. Have parents/guardians fill out the “Authorization for Athletic Try-Out” form
  5. A positive attitude


Each team will have fees associated with them. These fees will vary from team to team. Most team fees will cover the expenses of league play (referees, facility bookings), uniform rentals, photos, equipment, training supplies and substitute coverage costs for teachers. Higher fees are typically indicative of more out-of-town tournaments, team clothing and other team specific opportunities.

Practice and Game Schedules

Most teams are active before and/or after school, 4-5 days per week. It is a heavy but rewarding experience. Generally speaking, there will be 2-4 practices a week, 1-2 games a week, and tournaments on some weekends depending on the sport. Tryout, practice and tournament schedules will be communicated at the beginning of the season, and all game schedules for all sports are posted at Calgary High School Sports at the beginning of each season. Students should expect to travel on their own to off-site league games for most teams, but will generally travel as a team on a school bus to out-of-town tournaments.

Crescent Heights Cowboys


Are you interested in playing football at Crescent Heights? Whether you are new to the sport or play within the community, we want you! Everyone is welcome to join. The first day of Fall Camp is Friday, August 25, there will be a team meeting at 2:00 pm in the main gym. Please access the school through the student parking lot doors. All you need to bring is athletic gear (t-shirt/shorts) and a pair of cleats. All football-specific equipment will be provided to you. Come out and give it a try

Please complete the CHHS Football A of R and return it to your coaches. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Sayer or Coach Wade

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