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The attributes of successful leaders can be identified and taught. The old saying that “leaders are born not made” does not necessarily hold true.

This program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the ways in which they can become successful leaders in their school and community. Basic Leadership skills will be taught in the classroom and then put into practical use through activities offered at the school and community. In the class, students can expect to be involved in some traditional desk work as well as high energy, interactive activities that teach Leadership skills.

All students in the Leadership program will be involved in organizing many key activities in the school. These include: lunchtime and after school activities, pep rallies, staff and student recognition, service projects and other student- driven initiatives.

Prerequisite: Students who want to make a difference at Crescent Heights High School and enjoy planning, organizing and implementing student activities.

*Note: The Leadership program is comprised of courses from Community Care Services (CSS) and Human & Social Services (HSS)

Leadership 10

5 credits

In-class study includes a look at various modes of communication (listening and speaking), working within a group (dynamics and motivation), management skills, self-awareness (self-esteem, assertiveness) and human relations including making a positive school and community impact.

Leadership 20

5 credits | Prerequisite: Leadership 10

Students develop personal project management skills and style. Study includes exploring group dynamics including why groups form, leaders and followers and dealing with apathy.

Leadership 30

5 credits | Prerequisite: Leadership 20

Students will analyze Leadership theories including different theoretical approaches, and discussion of time and place appropriate styles; taking the lead or when to lead and when to follow, and team building including decision making, consensus building and more.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies 10/20

5 Credits | There are no prerequisites for this class

This program is designed to enable students to gain a better understanding of the Canadian legal system. An emphasis is placed on aspects of law that have a particular relevance to the young citizen. Topics investigated include business law, family law, employment law, criminal law and environmental law. Due to the nature of the subject matter, current legal events are also examined.

Legal Studies 30

5 Credits | There are no prerequisites for this class

This program is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore in depth, the following topics: Criminal Law, Controversial Legal Issues, Negligence, Property Law and Landmark Decisions. The course is very much designed for the motivated self-directed learner that enjoys reading and writing. However, a good showing in Social/English 10-1 or 10-2 is strongly recommended

If students successfully complete all 5 of the 1-credit courses, Legal Studies 30 can be included towards the high school diploma requirements.


Foods 10

5 Credits

Beginning an adventure into Foods, students will explore the art of preparing a variety of different Foods, taste gourmet delights prepared while learning the basics of successful cooking and the benefits of healthy food choices. Students are also assisted with making wise choices when attending restaurants, fast food facilities and other food outlets.

This introductory course is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the basic principles of nutrition and food preparation. Emphasis is placed on safety, basic measurement, practical application and technique development. A key element of the course will be the preparation of recipes focusing on safe and sanitary food handling practices. Each course contains theory, practical and assessment components.

Foods 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended that students have success in four introductory courses to proceed to Foods 20.

One of the most important life skills a student can learn is how to cook and eat well. Not only is food nourishing, it is comforting, stimulating, creative, and entertaining. Through Foods, students can develop basic skills and attitudes which can be transferable to our family, career and community.

In Foods 20, students will study more advanced techniques, theory and food preparation. Some special techniques like cake decorating are covered. Emphasis will be placed on nutrition, preparation and presentation, management and social/ cultural influences. Each course contains theory, practical and assessment components.

Foods 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Completion of prerequisite courses as outlined by Alberta Education. It is strongly recommended that students have success in four intermediate courses to proceed to Foods 30.

Whether your emphasis is to acquire valuable life skills or to pursue a career in the food service industry, the Foods courses should interest and inspire you. Foods courses are designed to develop independent personal living skills useful to everyone in a home environment.

This advanced level course demands a higher level of expertise from the student which will benefit those who take food studies for their own personal enjoyment; helps prepare students for entry into the food service industry or post-secondary programs. Students develop competence in concepts and principles of advanced preparation and presentation techniques which are employed to prepare creative meals. Each course contains theory, practical and assessment components.

Advanced Food Studies

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Registration after teacher consultation

The Advanced Foods program builds upon the culinary experience from the Foods 10/20/30 courses. Students will deepen their understanding of the culinary processes and strengthen technical abilities through self-directed learning, exploration and research to develop a personal approach for at least 5 personal interest credits; including assignments, labs and assessment, using various cooking techniques and styles.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine 10

5 Credits

Sports Medicine 10 students will be educated in the recognition of emergency Sports Medicine 10 students will be educated in the recognition of emergency procedures and immediate care and prevention of basic athletic injuries. They will heavily study anatomy of the human body to build the foundation to all aspects of training and treatment. Athletic taping will be a significant component and students will learn how to tape for arches, ankles, wrists, fingers and thumbs. Students will explore Health & Wellness principles including terminology and overall aspects of an individual’s health. Student fees for taping supplies and resources will be $120.00. Students must also complete a 10 hour observation assignment outside of class time.

Sports Medicine 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Completion of prerequisite and recommended courses from Sports Medicine 10

Students must have completed all aspects of Sports Medicine 10 to register in this class. Students continue their study of Injury Management, Injury Assessment & Treatment, and Pain & Pain Management. Students will be Level C CPR & AED Certified. Sports Med 20 students must complete a 25 hour practicum with one or more of the Crescent Heights’ teams and/or in the community – providing athletic health support. The student fee for this class is $150.00. This fee covers Standard First Aid Instruction and CPR Certification, the Telus SPARK knee surgery field trip, resources and taping supplies.

Sports Medicine 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Completion of prerequisite and recommended courses from Sports Medicine 20

This program provides full exposure to various health-related professions, practices and certified health practitioners. Where possible, there exists the opportunity for a work experience component. Students will explore various chronic health conditions; advance their roles as community recreation leaders, coaching experiences and volunteerism. In Sports Med 30, the practicum requirement is 40 hours acting as a senior trainer in a leadership position. Students will administer and run the Crescent Heights High School training room under teach- er supervision while coordinating and providing athletic training support to our Cowboy Athletic teams. A Health Care Provider Emergency CPR / Response course will be completed as one course within the program. The student fee for this class is $125.00. This fee covers the Standard First Responder Certification course, the Telus SPARK knee surgery field trip, resources and taping.

*Note: Sports Medicine is a program comprised of courses from Recreational Leadership & Health Care Services

Sports Performance 

Sports Performance 10

5 Credits

This course will focus on the development of an individual’s fitness and fitness knowledge in relation to becoming a better athlete. Sports Performance is a CTS based option and students will receive 5 CTS credits upon the successful completion of each module of the course. Students will learn and implement knowledge pertaining to nutrition, sports psychology, group exercise, anatomy and training techniques to improve their personal fitness. This is a physically demanding course and students need to understand they will be doing vigorous physical training on a consistent basis. Commit to the process and results will follow.

A student course fee will be assessed to cover guest instructors, field trips, two t-shirts and a Fitness Centre Membership for the semester.

Sports Performance 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Sports Performace 10

If a student successfully completes all 5 modules in Sports Performance 10 they may continue in the stream. Previously learned training techniques and knowledge are used as a foundation for the next level of athletic development. Nutrition concepts are expanded and athletes get deeper into training techniques and the psychology of sport. In addition there will be focus on Core Training and Leadership in sport. This course is an outstanding opportunity to immediately take theory learned and put it to practical use. Sports Performance 20 is a physically demanding option and students should commit to improving their fitness and working to their full potential.

A student course fee will be assessed to cover guest instructors, field trips, two t-shirts and a Fitness Centre Membership for the semester.

Sports Performance 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Sports Performace 20

Students will learn how to take their fitness knowledge and use it to help themselves and others looking for direction in their quest for fitness development. Modules in Cardiovascular and Flexibility Training, Olympic Lifting, Speed and Agility Training and Sport Psychology complement previous learned knowledge to create a comprehensive training background for the students.

A student course fee will be assessed to cover guest instructors, field trips, two t-shirts and a Fitness Centre Membership for the semester.

Yoga 15/25 

5 Credits

Yoga will safely introduce students to the basic yoga (asanas) postures, breathing techniques, relaxation methods as well as basic anatomy and physiology. In this class, students will learn techniques to help manage stress and anxiety in their daily lives. This class will also help build strength, improve flexibility and help students gain an overall sense of balance through mind and body unification. Along with the physical benefits of a daily yoga practice, students will also begin to explore and understand the historical roots of yoga as an art, science and philosophy. All abilities are welcome.

Yoga 35 

5 Credits

In Yoga 35 students will be safely introduced to more advanced postures while continuing to build on already established yoga practices. Students will further develop an understanding of their own unique needs and limitations through a daily Yoga practice. During the semester, students will engage in a number different yoga styles, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to help deepen a sense balance and well-being in their day to day life as a high school student.

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