Media, Design, & Communication Arts (MDC)

Design Studies

Design Studies 10

5 Credits

Design 10 provides an introduction to a wide variety of topics that relate to careers in the field of design. Students will participate in projects involving basic drawing skills, architectural design, software aided 2D layout, and 3D computer modeling. The design 10 program will provide students with a glimpse into careers that will allow them to use their artistic and creative talents. Courses include: Sketch, Draw & Model, Design Process, 2D Design1, 3D Design1, CAD1 (computer assisting drafting)

Design Studies 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Completion of prerequisite and recommended courses from Design Studies 10

Design 20 provides intermediate level design projects that help students explore a variety of design careers. Projects in this course will include 2D design and layout, traditional 3D modeling using physical tools and materials, creating and animating 3D models using CAD software, exploring the evolution of design and participating in a self-directed project in an area of individual interest. Courses include: 2D Design2, 3D Design2, CAD2, Design Project B & C.

Design Studies 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Completion of prerequisite and recommended courses from Design Studies 10

Design 30 uses advanced skills gained through design 10 and 20 to engage students in projects related to specific design fields. Students will work to create highly polished pieces of work to be included into a professional quality portfolio, which can be later used to apply to post- secondary institutions. In addition, students will participate in projects tailored to their specific areas of interest.

Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies 10

5 Credits

This is an introductory course covering basic sewing techniques, both hand sewing and using the sewing machine and sergers. Students will make simple clothing and accessories. This course gives students a good foundation for more advanced techniques to proceed to Fashion Studies 20 and 30. There is a basic fee for this course. Students must also purchase materials and supplies for a quilt projects.

Fashion Studies 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Fashion Studies 10

This course covers intermediate sewing techniques, hand sewing and using the sewing machine and sergers. It will introduce the student to specialty fabrics as well as creating home décor items and advanced accessories. There is a basic fee for this course. Students must also purchase materials and supplies for two clothing projects.

Fashion Studies 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Fashion Studies 20

This course covers advanced sewing techniques and goes deeper into the use of specialty fabrics. It also looks at the fashion industry, fitting procedures, and pattern alterations and the use of difficult fabric. There is a basic fee for this course Students must also purchase materials and supplies for two clothing projects

Graphic Arts

Students will explore the field of Graphic Arts, Design, Animation and Basic Photography. Students will express their knowledge and skills of composition effectively through unique and exciting Graphic Projects. Students use various computer design programs and production equipment similar to that found in commercial print shops, sign shops and art studios. Students develop professional skills while designing personalized projects in animation, web design, and print media to build a portfolio for a career in graphic design and visual communications.

Graphic Arts 10

5 Credits

This is an introductory level program where students learn to employ fundamental elements and principals of graphic design. Students get an exploratory introduction to skills, computer programs and equipment used in the senior courses and later in industry.

Course Titles Offered

Visual Composition, Graphic Tools, Typography, Web Design, Animation, Com Project A

Graphic Arts 20/30

Students advance their abilities to produce more sophisticated professional photographic and graphic images and items for themselves and or clients. These skills can to be used personally and professionally. At the 30 level students can work more individually and independently to build a portfolio for a career or post-secondary studies in Graphic Design and Visual Communication.

Graphic Arts 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Graphic Arts 10

Course Titles Offered

Vector Graphics, Raster Graphics, Web Design, Animation 2, Electronic Layout and Publishing

Graphic Arts 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Graphic Arts 20

Course Titles Offered 

Vector Graphics, Raster Graphics, Rich Media Basics, Animation 3, Electronic Layout and Publishing 2

Photography & Video Arts

Photography & Video Arts 10

5 Credits

Photographers, Videographers, Cinematographers, and digital artists – this is the course for you. Combining photography, video, and media production, Photo/Video 10 introduces students to a broad range of equipment, software, and technical processes, where creative self-expression will be the goal. Students will develop experience in concept design, planning, and techniques to produce videos and images that tell a story or communicate an idea, message, or creates a theme or mood. More than just career preparation for film-making, broad- casting, or photography, this class equips students to make great presentations in all walks of life with skill development in the Adobe Creative software suite.

Photography & Video Arts 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Communication Technology 10

In Photo/ Video Arts 20 students will go on to develop photo, graphic, or video In Photo/ Video Arts 20 students will go on to develop photo, graphic, or video production skills in more advanced projects with a stronger creative emphasis. Honing your eye for composition in visual imagery, you will explore more sophisticated editing software techniques, and further practice with Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite. You will learn valuable skills in all arenas of production and presentation as well as refining your research and teamwork abilities. Students also come out of this class with photojournalist experience by contributing to and designing the school yearbook.

Photography & Video Arts 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Photography 2& Video Arts 20

Students wishing to consider photography as a career or serious endeavour will Students wishing to consider photography, video, art, communications, or new media as a career or serious endeavour will proceed through a series of assignments, some of which will be more self-directed. The object will be to create a portfolio suitable for application to a post-secondary program. On a regular basis, students will meet with an instructor to review and evaluate current work and establish future assignments. Evaluation will be based on student’s assignment submissions and employability. This is a course for students who have a serious interest in photography, video, and a commitment to creative work. An ability to work independently and productively is a must.

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