Choral Music


Choral 10

5 Credits | Co-requisite: Choir 15

Choral 10 is a great option for people who would like to learn skills to be a great singer. Music history, theory, musical styles, and the Choral art form are also explored. Students will engage in activities such as group performance and research projects, composition projects, theory, and the study of musical styles such as those from the Renaissance , as well as popular music styles of today.

Choral 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Choral 10  Co-requisite: Choir 25

Choral 20 is a continuation of the skills and knowledge developed in the Choral 10 class. Musical styles from the Baroque and Romantic periods will be a focus, along with current styles, such as Musical Theatre. Students are involved in numerous projects which involve research and performance, and solo opportunities are available.

Choral 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Choral 20  Co-requisite: Choir 35

Choral 30 is a continuation of the skills and knowledge developed in the Choral 10 and 20 programs. Music theory, development of singing skills, performance projects and composition continue to be explored in more depth. Musical styles such as Modern/Contemporary music, as well as roots of current music such as Rock’n’Roll, Country and Western, and Jazz are components of the history part of the program.

Choir 15/25/35

3 Credits Each

Choir takes place one day a week after school, and is open to any students who are interested in learning to sing or continuing to develop their singing skills. A variety of styles of music are performed in concerts and assemblies throughout the year. Often the Crescent choir joins with other choirs and instrumentalists for concerts in venues such as the Rozsa Centre – a beautiful concert hall at the University of Calgary.

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