Dance 15

5 Credits

Dance is  for both  the  beginning and  experienced  Dancer and  is  taught in Crescent’s professional caliber Dance studio. Emphasis is on skill development. Dance 15 provides an introduction to a variety of  Dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, and Hip Hop. Hip hop guests are invited in to enhance the learning experience. Some elements of choreography are explored through projects and an opportunity to perform in class, at pep rallies and other venues is offered.

Dance 25

5 Credits |  Prerequisite: Dance 15 or with permission from the Dance teacher

Dance 25 is a further study of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop expanding upon skills from Dance 15. Ballet barre work is introduced as a means of improving technique and flexibility. Technical and performance skills are taught through class work. Creating choreography and ex- pressing meaning through movement is explored through various projects. Students engage in their learning by exploring new forms of movement through collaborative projects. Student leadership is encouraged as opportunities are provided for student choreographers to produce their own work.

Dance 35

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Dance 25 or with permission from the Dance teacher

There is a stronger focus on performance in Dance 35 and a solo performance is required. Students will use improvisation to design choreography and perform their work. Workshops and guest choreographers are invited in to the class to enhance the Dance experience. Auditions and performance skills are developed and opportunity for performing and choreographing is offered in class, at school concerts and pep rallies. Emphasis will be on skill development, creating choreography and performing. Dance 35 encourages the development of personal style in Dance allowing student voice and independent thinking to be part of the journey. Dance 35 prepares students for the Dance program at the University of Calgary or other universities offering studies in Dance.

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