Chinese Language & Culture 10-3Y

5 Credits

This is a beginner course for students who have no Chinese background. Native speakers of Chinese should arrange an interview with the Chinese teacher to discuss best placement in either the 20 or 30 level course or to discuss a challenge. The main focus of this course is to develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Mandarin Chinese which is spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Students will develop an increased awareness of and sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity through a basic survey of some ancient Chinese historical events.

Chinese Language & Culture 20-3Y

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Chinese 10-3Y or recommendation of current teacher at Crescent Heights High School

This course is a direct extension of the knowledge acquired in Chinese 10- 3Y. Students will build on their basic Chinese reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through a series of individual and group projects. This course also focuses on continuing to understand Chinese culture through examining the history of China. Furthermore, this course is designed to improve students’ potential in the Canadian workplace and global markets by focusing on modern and practical Chinese language skills in the workplace.

Chinese Language & Culture 30-3Y

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Chinese 20-3Y or recommendation of current teacher at Crescent Heights High School

This course is a direct extension of the knowledge acquired in Chinese 20-3Y. The purpose of this course is to compile and review all language skills learned in previous Chinese courses and add intermediate grammar patterns  and vocabulary to prepare learners to excel in lower intermediate post-secondary Chinese language courses. Language skills acquired in this course are designed to enhance students’ roles in the international community. This course also focuses on a historical and cultural look at contemporary Chinese history in the 20th century.

Chinese Language & Culture Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture course in Mandarin Chinese emphasizes communication (understanding and being understood by others) by applying interpersonal, interpretive, and presentation skills in real‐life situations. This includes vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness. To best facilitate the study of language and culture, the course is taught almost exclusively in Chinese.

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary and historical contexts. The course develops students’ awareness and appreciation of cultural products, (e.g., tools, books, music, laws, conventions, institutions); practices (patterns of social interactions within a culture); and perspectives (values, attitudes, and assumptions).

The Chinese Language and Culture 30 AP is available as a challenge course upon request.

Exam Prep

Students with advanced language skills in Chinese may take exam preparation classes with permission of the teacher. Please note that exam preparation occurs outside of the regular timetable.

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