Crescent Heights is in the enviable position of having one of the most extensive school based scholarship programs in the Calgary Board of Education. Every year, Crescent students qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and bursaries, based on a number of criteria, including: academic achievement, school and community involvement, excellence in specific subjects, sports and financial need. This page contains information regarding exclusive awards for Crescent Heights High School, CBE system wide awards, as well as links to other scholarship websites and search engines. Taking the time to explore these links and researching awards to apply for could lead to a significant reduction in the cost of your post secondary education!

Scholarship Tips 

  • Get involved with your school and community – keep track of all ways you are involved.
  • Start researching scholarships early – some have deadlines as early as October of your grade 12 year.
  • Keep a resume including your employment and your volunteer placements.
  • Keep track of the volunteer hours you accumulate during each of your high school years – hours, type of work and a supervisor contact information.
  • Connect with teachers and mentors who may be able to provide a reference letter. Always give them plenty of time before a deadline – at least 2 weeks.
  • Don’t be scared of the essay!!If there is an essay involved, still apply for it. Many of the essays will be based on similar criteria and can be re-used with some edits. 
  • Always have someone go over your essay to catch editing errors.

Finding Scholarships

Looking for scholarships to apply for is really like a part-time job. Start by using the links on this page, searching though Google, and researching awards given out by specific universities.  Then plan to spend dedicated time reading through them. There are 1000s of different scholarships out there– you need to find scholarships for which you fit the criteria, and then apply for any you believe you may qualify. Remember, there is a lot of money available, so dedicating time is worth it! Information from Crescent Heights is communicated through announcements, emails and Crescent’s social media accounts. As always, your counsellors, or the scholarship coordinator, Mr. Dancey can help you with specific questions.  More Information is available from Student Services

Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship

Alexander Rutherford had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier. He was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta, and his active involvement in community affairs. This scholarship named in his honour, rewards exceptional academic achievement at the senior high school level and encourages students to pursue post-secondary studies. You can receive money for achieving a minimum average for grade 10, 11 and 12. You apply for this award in the summer after your grade 12 year, and once you have an offer for a post secondary institute.

More Information

Career and Technology Scholarships

Not all scholarships are specifically based on academic courses. CTS scholarships are awarded on the basis of the number of CTS modules completed and the marks achieved. These awards can also be based on portfolios, teacher recommendations and community involvement. Make sure you are checking out awards based on CTS, as well as Fine Arts awards.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

Scholarship information for university, college or technical schools is available in Student Services beginning in the fall of a student’s Grade 12 year.

Grade 12 Awards

Application Forms for the various scholarships below are found through EducationMatters, Calgary Foundations, or on this website.

DeadlineAward & ValueCriteria

June 1

CHHS Alumni Association
- varies

Recognizes participation in CHHS’s extracurricular program, volunteer work, and/or contribution to the community. Financial need. Must be enrolled in a post secondary program in September.

April 1

CHHS Communication Technology Scholarship (Jostens)

Awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in Photography & Graphic Design to pursue graduate studies in Alberta institutions and other institutions outside Alberta. Application Form
Scholarship Guidelines
May 30Durkie Arts Award

Applicants must have demonstrated academic progress in grade 12 and marks sufficient for entrance to a post-secondary area of study. Selection will be based on the student’s school/community involvement in arts and reference letters.  Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.

May 30Everett and Mitchell Code Scholarship

Open to applicants who are pursuing a further education in post-secondary or trades/vocational fields. Applicants must have been actively involved in athletics during their time at Crescent Heights High School, demonstrate financial need and have marks sufficient for entrance into their chosen program of study. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.


Frank Whipple Memorial

Academic Achievement: minimum Grade 12 average of 65% with emphasis on Pure Math 30, Math 31, Applied Math 30; citizenship qualities; financial need. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.

May 1

Joan Ethier Women in Science
$½ tuition for 2 years

Female students having a strong aptitude and interest in, and enrolling in a Faculty of Science, Engineering, or a degree in Information/ Computer Systems in any faculty. Financial need. Letters of reference. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters web site.

Nov 1Laurie Sommerville Scholarship
Open to students registered in grade 11 or 12 in the Calgary Board of Education who are completing the requirements of a high school diploma, demonstrate financial need and wish to pursue post-secondary education. Applicants must have a minimum average of 65%. Selection will be based on the student’s financial need, essay and reference letter. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.



Awarded to the top academic student in Grade 11. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.

May 30Olwen Thomas Memorial Award

Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be conscientious, demonstrate academic progress and have marks sufficient for entrance to a post-secondary area of study. Applicants must also be outstanding school citizens who are significantly involved in extra-curricular activities and act as positive influences for classmates, adding to the cooperative culture of Crescent Heights High School and, hopefully, to the community at large. Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters website.

June 25Owen Hart Foundation Award

These awards recognize students who are motivated to improve their lives through education. High academic achievement is not a requirement, but acceptance to a college, university or technical school is – a minimum 70 percent average and acceptance to post-secondary is required.

  • Be graduating with completed Grade 12 from one of the following high schools: Forest Lawn, Western Canada, Ernest Manning, Crescent Heights, or Sir Winston Churchill
  • Preference given to students who hold part-time employment

Specific information can be found on the Calgary Foundation website.

May 30

Teenagers Against Drunk Driving (TADD)

Awarded to a student who has made a significant volunteer commitment throughout high school.  Specific information can be found on the EducationMatters web site.

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