Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides a valuable academic opportunity for students to enrich their learning. Students are invited to join their peers in the study of subjects in which they enjoy a shared passion. CHHS is proud to foster the intellectual curiosity of learners through the offering of the AP Program.

What is Advanced Placement?

  • Qualified, enthusiastic, and dedicated teachers aid in the teaching and learning of high school students in subjects at the university level. 
  • Universities from more than 65 countries award high school students university credit for successful AP Exam results. Students may skip the introductory or credit transfer course in a these same university courses. 
  • Students acquire the skills and habits needed to be successful in university. These include improvement in writing skills, problem solving abilities, time management skills and study habits. 
  • Advanced placement courses provide an opportunity for rigorous, challenging and stimulating learning prior to the university experience. 
  • Unique to Advanced Placement, students have the choice of how many AP courses they would like to pursue. 
  • Along with the diploma exams throughout the year, students have the opportunity to write AP exams at the beginning of May. AP exams are written simultaneously by AP students throughout the world. 
  • Alberta has the 3rd highest number of students who write the AP exams in Canada, and is ranked second in Canada for having the highest results.
"AP is a tough program; I thought I would not make it through. My teachers always encouraged me and I feel the challenge was well worth it" - Tyler M.

Why Enroll In Advanced Placement Courses?


  • Students can receive course credit for university without the university fee. 
  • Students who take AP courses typically have a higher GPA at university than those who do not take AP courses demonstrating they are more prepared for university.-Students who apply to university stand out in the admission process.
  • Students may use their AP test grade or their class mark (whichever is greater) for university admission.
  • Students are more likely to complete undergraduate degrees in four years or less.
  • Students are more likely to pursue further academia and postgraduate studies.


  • Students are eligible for awards for taking three to five AP exams with qualifying grades (AP Scholar, AP scholar with Honour, AP Scholar with Distinction and National AP Scholar). 
  • Students may apply for scholarships available only to AP students.

Personal Development

  • Develop and improve critical thinking, problem analysis and intellectualization of content matter. 
  • Personalized approach to learning assists students’ discovery of learning potential. 
  • Stronger work ethic, self-direction, and world-perspective.

Course Selection Pathway

Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Science 10 Pre‐AP
(Science and Tech. School only)
Biology 20
Chemistry 20 Pre‐AP
Physics 20 Pre‐AP
Biology 30/35 AP**
Chemistry 30/35 AP **
Physics 30/35 AP**
Mathematics 10 Pre‐APMathematics 20 Pre‐APMath 30/31 AP**
English 10‐1 Pre‐APEnglish 20‐1 Pre‐APEnglish 30/35**
Social Studies 10‐1 Pre‐APSocial Studies 20‐1 Pre‐APSocial 30/35**
Art 10
Art 20Art 30/35
Chinese 10ChineseChinese
French 10FrenchFrench
Spanish 10SpanishSpanish
German 10GermanGerman

** indicates a full year course

"I took two AP classes in Math and Chem because those were the subjects I liked the most. AP allows me to choose which subjects I want to take." - David D.

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