Psychology 20

General & Personal Psychology

6 Credits | Prerequisite: Social Studies 10 –1 (>60%)

This course provides an introduction to a wide range of topics in Psychology. Examination of the foundation of psychological thought and theories of personality provide a backdrop for understanding current psychological approaches. Personality theories, methods of research, perception, and cognitive and personal development will be some of the topics covered. Abnormal Psychology including studies of neurosis, psychosis, personality disturbances and defense mechanisms will also be examined. Students receive credits for General Psychology (3 credits) and Personal Psychology (3 credits).

Psychology 30

Experimental / Sociology 30

6 Credits

Experimental Psychology provides an overview of the scientific experimentation process in the field of Psychology. Modules examine scientific research methods, data display and interpretation, research ethics, and the design and completion of a psychological research experiment. On completing the course, students will have a basic understanding of the major concepts in experimental Psychology and the complex nature of scientific research.

Sociology is the study of social behavior and human groups. The goal of the course is to help students understand how they are part of society, to understand society’s influence on their lives and to visualize their roles in societal change. Content includes scientific methods of study, social institutions, elements of culture and subculture, race and ethnic relations, minority groups, public opinion, mass communication and propaganda, social control and deviation, crime and delinquency, and dating and marriage. General Psychology (3 credits) and Personal Psychology (3 credits).

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