Our Staff

Main Office (Administration)
PrincipalBews, Andrew
 Assistant Principal
 Assistant Principal
Gavan, Sarah
Veale, Beth
Admin Assistant
Webb, Amanda
Cormier, Trish
Lail, Suki
Ashby, Ellen
Bassi, Sonia
Grade 1MacLean, Jenn 
Noorani, Harjinder
Watson, Brenda 
Woodill, Andrew
Grade 2
Dhasee, Jugvir
Ilao, Jessica 
Kurji, Sophia 
Grade 3
Bandyopadhyay, Shreya
McDermid, Earl
Nevelos, Kristina
Romaniuk, Rebecca
Grade 4
Burgess, Megan
MacDermott, Amy
Walji, Alysha
Grade 5
Bui, Alice
Lasante, Judie
Lavallee, Shantelle 
Sealy, Gillian
Grade 6
Berge, Devon
Metzler, Tonya
Montgomery, Markie
Mueller, Pascal 
 Grade 7Atkinson, Victoria
Bates, Ashley
Johnston, Melanie 
Lyons, Carrie
Patterson, Rick 
Scott, Lucas
Shpur, Jody
Stolz, Cassandra
Grade 8
Bailey, Andrea 
Hagan, Kelsey
Hartley, Blake
Hiltz, Samantha
Parekh, Hitendra
Purewal, Ravneet
Sharma, Sheveta
Snowdy, Tara

Grade 9
Atkinson, Victoria
Bates, Ashley
Hagan, Kelsey
Hartley, Blake
Mineault, Caley
Parekh, Hitendra
Patterson, Rick 
Purewal, Ravneet
Scott, Lucas
Stolz, Cassandra
Snowdy, Tara
Shpur, Jody
Lee, Anna
Caulder, Joe (Grades 7-9)
Cormier, Stephen (Grades 7-9)
Johnston, Melanie (Grade 7)
Royle, Jessica (Grades 7-9)
Dance/PEFerrara, Janelle (Grade 7&9 PE)
DramaSolarski, Andrea
Education Assistants
Louise St-Onge
Elementary PE
Theberge, Sonia
Facility Operator
Lacao, Jose Cruzel
Foods and Fashion
Ford, Christopher
Lee, Anna
HealthCaulder, Joe (Grade 7-9)
Cormier, Stephen (Grade 7-9)
Johnston, Melanie (Grade 7)
Royle, Jessica (Grades 7-9)
Library Assistant
Georgoudis, Stath
 Literacy Assistants
Nanda, Annu
Williams, Julie
Wiscombe, Cavell
Lunchroom SupervisorsAl-Khazaly, Rajaa
Dhillon, Kirandeep
Grewal, Mandeep (Lead Lunch)
Lahud, Geraldine
Perry, Sarah
Rahman, Farhana
Sidhu, Maninder
Terani, Aicha
Thiessen, KariLynn
Walia, Richa
Wiscombe, Cavell (Lead Lunch)
Music - Elementary
Music - Junior High
Katchur, Andrea
Ford, Christopher
Student ServicesWhitney, Crystal
Construction CTS
Vlielander, John

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Family, faith, fasting. Wishing a happy Ramadan to all of the Cobra families who observe the month of Ramadan! #RamadanMubarak2023 https://t.co/sYe1r4JunZ

Cobras! Tomorrow is now #cultureday so we can celebrate all our wonderful traditions, including Ramadan! https://t.co/MLLHKGdVph

Get ready, Cobras! #spiritweek https://t.co/hfwhnggeUJ

RT @MsBurgessGrade4: Today we learned about the Spring Equinox. Na'toosi (Grandfather Sun) and Kokomikisomm (Grandmother Moon) share the sky equally. It is a time of beautiful changes according to Elder Saa’kokoto. How can you engage your body to see, feel, hear and smell the signs of spring? https://t.co/AXPA3SpTfX

“Once again, Na'toosi (Grandfather Sun) and Kokomikisomm (Grandmother Moon) will share the sky equally. Motoyi(spring in Blackfoot) is a time of renewal and new beginnings. After a season of rest, the land comes to life with new growth, movement, and sounds.” @Indigenous_cbe https://t.co/8maAx5uRgt