Dress Code

Dress Code Under Review - Check back soon.


All students are encouraged to have an indoor and an outdoor pair of shoes to help keep school hallways and classrooms clean. Appropriate footwear, such as runners, prevents injuries and protects the gym floor.

Grades 7-9

Students in Grades 7-9 must have a pair of non-marking running shoes to use in the gymnasium. 

Gym Strip

All Grade 7-9 students are required to wear gym strip for all assigned Physical Education classes, unless otherwise indicated by the Physical Education teachers.

Gym strip consists of a change of clothes that are different from what they wear to school.  Gym strip also includes proper footwear (NO SLIDES, SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, BOOTS, ETC).  Appropriate footwear consists of a running type shoe that gives them support and can be securely fastened to their feet with laces or velcro.

Students are welcome to purchase our Crossing Park gym strip.  All payments must be made either online or through the main office.  The costs are listed below.

Wearing proper gym strip is important for many reasons:

  1. Hygiene – students do not get their nice clothes they wear to school dirty and sweaty
  2. Safety and Security – easier to identify our students around the school and in the field if they are all wearing athletic attire
  3. School Spirit – everyone identifies as one collective group and takes pride in our school, especially if all our students wear our Crossing Park gym strip
  4. Participation – students are more likely to participate to the best of their ability if they are dressed appropriately for the activity, which leads to better learning and performance
  5. Athletics – team colors are important for competition and identifying as a team, especially in sports where they do not wear a team jersey or shorts

Sizes include:  Youth Large, Youth Extra Large, Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Price List

  • T-shirt:  $20
  • Shorts:  $20
  • Sweat Pants: $25

Please return the attached form to the office with payment. Contact Mr. Steve Cormier if you have questions.

Consequences for not wearing gym strip include:

  1. Students will be given an alternative activity to do during the class.
  2. A phone call or email will be sent home to the parents/guardians if it happens 2 or more days during a Physical Education unit.
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