School Property

We take great pride in keeping a tidy school; both inside and out. We ask all our students to be good citizens by putting garbage and recycling where it belongs, and helping to keep our classrooms and playground clean.

Also, a reminder that smoking is not permitted on CBE property. Parents and family members may not smoke anywhere outside of the school. This includes sidewalks. Your cooperation is both appreciated and expected.

Damage to School Property

CBE policy states that legal action shall be undertaken for willful damage, destruction or theft of Board property. Money is to be collected for lost or damaged textbooks, library books, damage to equipment, window breakage, etc. to help with the replacement of such items.

Playground Rules & Expectations

Rough play is not permitted at school. The following activities are not safe and respectful and therefore not appropriate at school:

  • play fighting/wrestling
  • rock/dirt throwing
  • snow/snowball throwing
  • riding piggy-back
  • foul language
  • tackling or body-checking

Use of School Equipment, Open Spaces & Play Areas

Students are expected to use school and recreational equipment appropriately. Students are expected to play safe games that will not potentially endanger themselves or others. Students are expected to respect the rights of participants in organized games and not to disrupt the activity.

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RT @MsBurgessGrade4: Today we learned about the Spring Equinox. Na'toosi (Grandfather Sun) and Kokomikisomm (Grandmother Moon) share the sky equally. It is a time of beautiful changes according to Elder Saa’kokoto. How can you engage your body to see, feel, hear and smell the signs of spring?

“Once again, Na'toosi (Grandfather Sun) and Kokomikisomm (Grandmother Moon) will share the sky equally. Motoyi(spring in Blackfoot) is a time of renewal and new beginnings. After a season of rest, the land comes to life with new growth, movement, and sounds.” @Indigenous_cbe

Get ready… spirit week starts Monday!

RT @waskowasko: Look at those fantastic burrowing owls! Thanks so much for joining us for the broadcast and for sharing your art!🦉💖

RT @MsBurgessGrade4: We learned about the endangered burrowing owl that lives in the grasslands region! Did you know there are only 270 left in the wild in Canada?! We also enjoyed listening to the book “Best Nest” by @waskowasko Thank you @calgarylibrary and @WilderInstitute #WeAreCBE