Lunchroom Supervision

Parents residing within the walk limit who wish to have their child(ren) stay for lunch are required enrol in the Lunch Supervision Program. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Nutrition Break / Student Recesses 

Nutrition breaks / student recesses are scheduled and supervised by each grade teams and homeroom teacher. Each child will have a morning nutrition break or outdoor recess based on what grade they are in. Students are kept inside for recess when the weather is too wet or cold to go outside.


Additionally, we have children at our school who are allergic to nuts and related nut products, we strive to be a Nut-Free School. Parents must indicate any special health concerns on the school registration for their child and are encouraged to ensure classroom teachers are also aware of health issues. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

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See you back Monday, August 15th!

Happy Retirement, Ms. Macleod, Mr. Batley, Mrs. Jones and Ms. Kenney!

We were so excited to present our Grade 9 Farewell tonight! We have a hardworking group of student and staff volunteers that made tonight possible. Congratulations on all of your successes, Grade 9s. We sure will miss you!

We love seeing our students collaborate! Being a K-9 school sure has its perks! #mentorship #WeAreCBE