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Summer Update and Reminders for Families | June 15, 2022
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Accessing Online Report Cards through MyCBE
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Remove it or Lose it: Departing Students Must Clean Out their CBE Inbox by June 30
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  • Summer Update and Reminders for Families | June 15, 2022

  • Accessing Online Report Cards through MyCBE

  • Remove it or Lose it: Departing Students Must Clean Out their CBE Inbox by June 30

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Principal's Message

A Message from Mr. Bews

As a long-time Social Studies teacher and leader of humanities, I often think about culture and history.   What is the culture of Crossing Park School and what will history say about how the school progressed beyond 2021-22?   Here is a bold prediction; it is about to get better.    
Having lead a number of schools in different areas, I feel qualified to address this relative question.  From the outset of my role as a Principal of this community, it was clear; this is a place where students felt a strong connection.   Teachers are collaborative and student-centered.   Support staff from the front office to noon hour supervisors to Education Assistants know our students.  This is the beauty of a K-9 setting. The beauty of a community that places value and respect in education.    
Crossing Park maintains a culture of effort, integrity and honor.   I see countless interactions that demonstrate a yearning to improve, to get better academically, socially and athletically.   Students demonstrate great respect towards teachers and other adults.   In short, there is a foundation to grow.   Nothing is static or stagnant in this world.   That is where we will capitalize on positive change.  We will keep the good things and improve on areas that need our attention for the sake of student success! 
The Opportunity: 
For staff who are staying, they already understand and have become a part of the new direction- and know that shared leadership is the basis for good decisions around student success. 
I am pleased to have several respected colleagues from previous settings join us at Crossing Park- in part because they hear very positive things about the community.   You will all hear from you child's teacher directly at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.   Having a connection is vital as we work together. 
We are busy building strong teacher teams.   This is very important, not just because collaboration is a virtuous notion, but rather because at the heart of good educational programming for students is professional collaboration.   Research (including Jenni Donohoo's work on Collective Efficacy) suggests that the collective attitude and belief in student capability and collaboration actually translates into actions that underpin student success.    
This is a big driver in terms of our next steps as a community.  Specifically, around what will we collaborate?   The answer:  we collaborate for student programming in order to achieve: 
Engagement (not compliance but engagement in capturing the hearts and minds of learners who talk about schoolwork beyond the walls of the school.   They dream big and feel inspired to do and be more).  To this end, we want to hear from you, the parents, and reach out to you with positive experiences of growth! 
Cross-curricular learning experiences where students see the interplay between disciplines and see bigger ideas connect to different topics.  For example, math is visible everywhere and Social Studies is alive daily.    
How we personalize tasks for students.  Knowing learners strengths and areas of growth lets us “meet them where they are in their learning" and push them to new levels. 
Consistent understanding of assessment.  Students need to know how they are doing and how to get better.   
Culturally flexible.  Taking up curriculum in ways that celebrate a variety of cultures and helps underpin our Truth and Reconciliation work and Anti-Racist work in meaningful ways.   We can program to see many cultures in the classroom and we should. 
With these positive areas of focus, history will demonstrate that the 2022-2023 school year at Crossing Park represented a new era.   It celebrated the end of a wonderful era before, but embraced a new and bold path that benefits our students even more.    
I want to thank all the teachers, support staff, students and parents.   Together we provide the foundation for a Safe, Happy, Learning environment.   
To great days behind us.   To better days ahead. 
Andrew Bews, BA (Hons), B.Ed., MA 
Crossing Park School ​

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See you back Monday, August 15th!

Happy Retirement, Ms. Macleod, Mr. Batley, Mrs. Jones and Ms. Kenney!

We were so excited to present our Grade 9 Farewell tonight! We have a hardworking group of student and staff volunteers that made tonight possible. Congratulations on all of your successes, Grade 9s. We sure will miss you!

We love seeing our students collaborate! Being a K-9 school sure has its perks! #mentorship #WeAreCBE

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