Career & Technology Foundations

Students must choose at least one CTF class.

Communication Cluster

Fashion/Design Studies 

This class will begin with a safety orientation and an introduction to sewing tools, sewing machine operation and basic sewing skills. Students will complete self-selected projects on aspects of fashion studies and design, including the creation of accessories and clothing for their personal wardrobe; studying aspects of eco or sustainable fashion; creating upcycled fashions; reviewing the contributions of fashion designers and fashion illustrators; quilting; textile design; fashion illustration; charity sewing and fashion history. Students can adjust their projects to their skill level, so no experience is required. And the best part of all, participants will have fun coordinating a student fashion show in May.

Human Services Cluster 


In this course, students will learn about kitchen safety, sanitation, interpreting and creating food from a recipe, handling kitchen equipment, the role of ingredients, food preparation techniques, meal planning, garnishing and nutrition. In lab groups, students will be challenged to prepare foods that will not only fuel the body with important nutrients but will also appeal to their discerning tastes and take into consideration budgetary guidelines. Experience a positive learning journey by joining us in acquiring culinary skills to prepare tasty foods. You may be the next Master Chef! Foods and Fashion will be offered as a combined class.


Students will improve their camera knowledge and learn techniques to use digital cameras for a variety of projects. They will focus on angles and poses, principals and elements of art in photography. They will learn advanced camera usage techniques, tips on how best to photograph landscapes, and how to create balanced compositions. They will create a photography portfolio and learn to display it in different formats, from print to multimedia.

Technology Cluster

Construction Technologies Studies 

Students will learn more about how technologies are used in today’s manufacturing and design. They will learn safety rules about power tools and construction and will develop a final project, which integrates a variety of skills learned in this module.

Computer Technology – Robotics (Grade 7 only) 

Students will learn about robotics and some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of robotics in today’s society. They  will build and program robots in this course but also produce a prototype robot or invention that will revolutionize the way we do things.  

Computer Technology – Applied Technologies (Grade 8 only) 

In this course, students will explore computer hardware, software and processes. Participants are introduced to general programming environments, and will work toward writing simple structured algorithms and programs.

Business Cluster

Business Marketing & Management (Grades 7 and 8) 

Learn the processes associated with promotion for the sale of goods and services. Examine the marketing strategies of a variety of companies and design your own marketing plans based on the 4P’s (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion).

Human Services Cluster

Leadership (Grades 7, 8, 9) 

The focus of Leadership will be on discovering yourself as a leader and how you can make a difference in our community and world. Through this option, students will have the opportunity to volunteer and look at local issues (Grades 7, 8, 9), as well as global issues (8 and 9) and discover methods for how to positively impacts others and the world. The final project will involve students taking action to promote positive leadership and behaviours in our school and the world.

Training For Excellence in Sports (Grade 8) 

This class will extend beyond your experiences in Physical Education class. Students will gain a better understanding of how to perform different skills and techniques involved in many different sports. They will also learn more about how to incorporate different strategies in a variety of sports through skill and tactical development. And they will get an opportunity to enhance their performance in Physical Education class, School Athletics, or even in their own community sports by building strength, power, speed, flexibility and conditioning through the Fitness & Conditioning Development component of the course. This is not just another P.E. class – it is so much more!

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