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Teachers are currently using Google Classroom to communicate with parents.  Please log in to your child's Google Classroom account for information regarding assignments and communication from the teacher.  We are currently not using blogs.

Class / SubjectBlog Link
Kindergarten Mrs. Ashby
Mrs. Bassi
Grade 1Mrs. Noorani
Mrs. Watson
Mr. Woodill
Grade 2 Ms. Carmichael
Mrs. Romaniuk
Mrs. Ilao
Mrs. Kurji 
Grade 3 Ms. Cushon
Mrs. Dhaliwal
Mrs. Katchur
Grade 4Ms. Burgess
Ms. Maclean
Mrs. MacDermott
Ms. Nazerali
Mrs. Taha
Grade 5Mrs. Bui
Ms. Kenney
Ms. Lasante
Ms. Lavallee
Ms. McMullen
Grade 6Ms. Montgomery
Mrs. Sealy
Mr. Vlielander
Ms. Metzler 
Junior HighMs. Bailey
Mr. Caulder
Ms. Elrassoul
Ms. Hagan
Mr. Hamilton
Ms. Hiltz
Mrs. Johnston
Mrs. Jones
Mr. Parekh
Mr. Patterson
Ms. Purewal
Ms. Reuther
Mrs. Robertson
Ms. Sharma
Ms. Snowdy
Ms. Sproxton
Ms. Tran
Fine Arts
Mr. Batley
Ms. Ferrara
Ms. Macleod
Mrs. Lee
Ms. Solarski
CTFMr. Gordon
Ms. Sproxton
AthleticsMr. Caulder
Mr. Cormier
Mr. Dyer
Ms. Ferrara
Mrs. Theberge


Mrs. LaPointe
Student ServicesMs. Whitney
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See you back Monday, August 15th!

Happy Retirement, Ms. Macleod, Mr. Batley, Mrs. Jones and Ms. Kenney!

We were so excited to present our Grade 9 Farewell tonight! We have a hardworking group of student and staff volunteers that made tonight possible. Congratulations on all of your successes, Grade 9s. We sure will miss you!

We love seeing our students collaborate! Being a K-9 school sure has its perks! #mentorship #WeAreCBE